Krystal vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Krystal has her Arwing which is handy in a fight but I don’t see that being enough to stop Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon may not always look like the most impressive fighter out there but she does still have her energy blasts which should really knock a lot of the fight out of Krystal. Additionally, Sailor Moon can make barriers to protect her from the counter blows. Sailor Moon wins.

Krystal vs Dark Link

Suggested by Destroyer Dark Link may not have shown the same abilities that Link has possessed over the years but he has a lot of the core ones which is important. There’s no way Krystal is taking him down in a close quarters battle so her best bet would be the Arwing. This still won’t be enough though as Dark Link can shoot her out of the sky with his arrows or just jump and break through like Sheik did in Brawl. Either way Krystal isn’t ready for this fight. Dark Link wins.

Chun Li vs Krystal

Suggested by Destroyer Krystal has some good hand to hand skills and even her own blaster. That won’t be enough to defeat Chun Li though. This is one case where not having a weapon isn’t really a bad thing. Chun Li can still win the day with superior speed and technique. Krystal won’t be able to defend herself against such powerful attacks and would ultimately be on the defensive until she is defeated. Chun Li wins.

Barugon vs Krystal

Suggested by Destroyer Barugon is a strong kaiju…I just wanted to put that out there. However, Krystal would have a considerable edge in this fight. She has her Arwing which means she will have the edge in agility and mobility. Barugon will not be able to land any blows in this fight because Krystal will be able to do a barrel roll to get out of the line of fire. She will be able to keep hitting him with lasers the entire time until he eventually goes down for the count and she can officially claim victory. Krystal wins.

Krystal vs Fox

Fox is back and he’s ready for another win. One good shot from his good ole laser beam gun and not even Krystal will be able to stop him. Fox rises up the ranks with this win. It would seem that he was named the commander for a reason…the others simply couldn’t outsmart or outfight him! Fox wins.

Krystal vs Slippy

Slippy is pretty smart and he’s one of those guys that you can always depend on….usually anyway. Still, can he hope to take on the awesome power of Krystal’s arwing? With all of that firepower, I’m afraid that this seems to be the end of the road for Slippy. Krystal wins.

King Boo vs Krystal

Luckily for King Boo a wise man once said “It’s not the weapon that makes the man….right?” Well even though that guy was wrong at the time in this case it’s true. Krystal has a staff but with her skills she can’t use it right. King Boo might have hope yet….sadly she still has an arwing and even a baby could use one. The Arwing is too much for King Boo. Krystal wins.

Wario vs Krystal

Well at least Krystal got a win. Of course there was no way she’d go away without a loss. She’s too weak. The Same with Wario. There’s no way he’d go without a win. So here two people’s lives are changed forever. Wario wins.

But he can’t beat Arwings forever. Krystal wins.