Sonic vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Shulk can see the future and he has some pretty good sword techniques. He’ll definitely give Sonic a run for his money. That being said, Sonic’s fast enough to dodge all of his counter attacks and still land his share of blows. I think the difference in ability here is going to be way too vast for Shulk to do much. Once Sonic goes super he just will be too fast for Shulk to even think of landing a hit. Sonic wins.

4 thoughts on “Sonic vs Shulk

  1. Shulk is omnipresent, isn’t he faster than sonic? Like isn’t sonic only faster than the speed of light and only low multiversal?

    • Shulk’s combat speed isn’t greater than Sonic’s though. Sonic’s shown that he can fight at hypersonic speeds and FTL but Shulk has never proven that.

  2. I think it’s more that Shulk hasn’t shown much with his 3rd monado, so Sonic wins with the fact that Shulk never shown much except that he recreated a world

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