Han Solo vs Mikasa

Suggested by Destroyer Han Solo is a pretty good pilot and the guy has a lot of confidence. He’s not someone who would go down easily in a fist fight. I wager he would give Mikasa a good fight although she would ultimately win thanks to her enhanced stats. That said, with the 3D gear she would easily be able to zip all around him and just completely crush the guy. Han Solo just isn’t ready for that level of agility and would need The Force in order to make this a fair fight. Mikasa wins.

Mikasa vs Samus

Suggested by Destroyer Mikasa is definitely a very solid fighter and she’s always been a pretty cool character. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on Samus. Both of them are basically superhuman in terms of physical ability, but Samus has the decisive advantage when you take into account her armor. With that she heavily outranks Mikasa in both power and speed. Samus also gets an incredible arsenal of projectiles that she can use to completely overwhelm the scout. Samus wins.

Ujio vs Mikasa

Ujio is certainly pretty good with a sword. He fought well in the movie he appeared in and proved that strength comes from the heart. Still, Mikasa’s 3D Maneuvering Equipment will certainly give her the edge in combat and allow her to swing her blades a lot quicker than Ujio can. It will be a decisive victory. Mikasa wins.

Mercutio vs Mikasa

Mercutio is another skilled character from the old Shakespearean days, but he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Mikasa. She is much faster than him and also more lethal in combat. He would have a difficult time trying to stay one step ahead of her here. My money would be on Mikasa winning in a matter of seconds. I just don’t see this fight managing to stay close since Mikasa could start the fight with a straight dashing slash and I doubt Mercutio could react to it. Mikasa wins.

Mikasa vs Tybalt

Mikasa is a strong member of the Survey Corps. She may not have the ability to Titanize, but she compensates for that with her above average strength and speed. Tybalt wouldn’t be able to land any blows and his speed is too slow for him to even parry her attacks. Mikasa has every possible edge in this fight so the gap in their abilities will become apparent before long. They are simply fighting on two very different levels. Mikasa wins.

Annie Leonhart vs Mikasa

Suggested by Eric Annie Leonhart and Mikasa are both fairly adept at hand to hand combat and are fairly evenly matched. In a pure fist fight, I’d give Mikasa the edge though. What helps give Annie an edge is the fact that she has her Titan Mode abilities. Mikasa has been shown to take down Titans before, but Annie has the clear advantage with her hardening ability and the fact that she doesn’t lose her combat prowess. She will simply have too many abilities for a human, even one as skilled as Mikasa, to defeat. Annie Leonhart wins.

Shinoa vs Mikasa

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Shinoa is already one of the fan favorite characters and its easy to see why. Her name was the first one that I memorized in the show. She’s very charasmatic although her teasing of Yuichiro can go a little far as she is always taunting him about his heroic drive to stay pure. I also feel that she has not lived up to the hype in terms pf ability, but that’s more of an issue for the series. She has a pretty cool demon sword, which could blow Mikasa away with a single shot. Mikasa needs a Titan Form to at least make things interesting and even then Shinoa will likely have the edge. These two are both trained fighters with a solid reputation behind them, but Shinoa is simply more skilled at the moment. These two couldn’t be more different personality wise and I just wonder how much bigger the hype backfire would have been if Shinoa had entered the series with Mikasa’s hype. Shinoa wins.

Mikasa vs Levi

Mikasa and Levi are both known as experts in the Titan world. Mikasa was established as the best Titan slayer from the beginning and Levi quickly tried to steal this title when he appeared. “Tried” is the key term and I still acknowledge Mikasa as the better fighter. She has easily taken out multiple titans in the past without breaking stride. Levi definitely talks more, but that’s really his only edge. His arrogance would lead to his downfall. Mikasa wins.

Update! Well, the anime was a littler exaggerated with Levi’s speed during his battle against the Female Titan if you ask me, but it is what it is. Whether it was exaggerated or not, the speed feats happened so he would have to win this battle. Mikasa now sinks to 0-2…Levi wins.

Mikasa vs Sakura

Mikasa makes her debut in this round and she’s definitely one of the fan favorite characters of the Attack on Titan series. That being said, she won’t be able to take Sakura down. Sakura has a lot of super strength at her disposal and she’s also pretty quick. Healing abilities increase the gap in their abilities for Sakura. She just can’t lose. Sakura wins.