Mikasa vs Levi

Mikasa and Levi are both known as experts in the Titan world. Mikasa was established as the best Titan slayer from the beginning and Levi quickly tried to steal this title when he appeared. “Tried” is the key term and I still acknowledge Mikasa as the better fighter. She has easily taken out multiple titans in the past without breaking stride. Levi definitely talks more, but that’s really his only edge. His arrogance would lead to his downfall. Mikasa wins.

Update! Well, the anime was a littler exaggerated with Levi’s speed during his battle against the Female Titan if you ask me, but it is what it is. Whether it was exaggerated or not, the speed feats happened so he would have to win this battle. Mikasa now sinks to 0-2…Levi wins.

2 thoughts on “Mikasa vs Levi

  1. As much as I like Mikasa, I have to be honest, Levi would win. At least from what we have seen thus far in the anime, Levi appears to be more skilled than Mikasa. Mikasa herself even admitted it.

    • Well, I can’t say that this really changes in the manga as they continue to hype Levi up as the best fighter. (He just had a mini arc to himself and his solo manga where he pwned a bunch of titans) That being said, Mikasa is quick and she just seems like the better fighter to me. Levi does a lot of spinning and he took out a bunch of titans, but Mikasa has street smarts and she’s probably taken down the most titans in the series except for Levi. (Titans don’t count of course) It’s definitely a close fight though and I hope it occurs in the series at some point.

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