Sailor Moon vs Sakura

In preparation for the Sailor Moon review that will be appearing on the blog soon, it’s time for a Sailor Moon match! She is one of the legendary protectors of the galaxy and her power is feared across the cosmos! She is known to be very powerful and a match for Goku. While I don’t think that she could take him on, she’s still tougher than you may expect. That being said, Sakura has grown very powerful over the years and she definitely has the edge in speed and power. Those are two very important areas in a battle and that should lead her to victory. Sakura wins.

Kaguya vs Sakura

Sakura has developed into a very powerful shinobi, but she won’t be able to defeat Kaguya. Kaguya makes her debut onto the blog at last and her abilities are not to be underestimated. Debatably, her physical abilities are on par with Sakura’s and her array of attacks is much larger. She should be able to evade Sakura’s blows while dealing out her own. A few minutes of such an onslaught should suffice. Kaguya wins.

Mikasa vs Sakura

Mikasa makes her debut in this round and she’s definitely one of the fan favorite characters of the Attack on Titan series. That being said, she won’t be able to take Sakura down. Sakura has a lot of super strength at her disposal and she’s also pretty quick. Healing abilities increase the gap in their abilities for Sakura. She just can’t lose. Sakura wins.

Gemini Saga vs Sakura

Gemini Saga is back and he’s up against Sakura! Sakura may be very powerful physically, but her speed isn’t the greatest and she lacks intense projectiles. Gemini Saga has the powerful Galactian Explosion which he can use to end this match in an instant. Gemini Saga wins.

Nico Robin vs Sakura

Nico Robin is pretty tough and her attacks shouldn’t be underestimated. Using her hands technique she can fly and trap her opponents. Of course I don’t think it would work thanks to Sakura’s amazing speed and power. This is one fight that Nico Robin just can’t win. Sakura rises up the ranks with this win. Sakura wins.

Sakura vs Ino

Sakura has super strength and knows how to use it to her advantage. Of course Ino has her mind transfer jutsu. While it’s not a downright horrible jutsu it’s pretty awful and won’t win her this match. Sakura takes her out with a full powered punch. Ino never stood a chance in this match. She was Sakura’s greatest rival, but now she’s fallen too far behind. Sakura wins.