Nico Robin vs Sakura

Nico Robin is pretty tough and her attacks shouldn’t be underestimated. Using her hands technique she can fly and trap her opponents. Of course I don’t think it would work thanks to Sakura’s amazing speed and power. This is one fight that Nico Robin just can’t win. Sakura rises up the ranks with this win. Sakura wins.

4 thoughts on “Nico Robin vs Sakura

  1. Sakura would win but I wouldn’t say she’s an all-round better fighter. It depends who they’re up against. When it’s each other, Sakura wins because no matter how many hands Robin grabs her with her chakra-enhanced strength allows her to break free. But say they were both up against someone insanely fast and manueverable but fragile who reads minds (I can’t think of an example right now). Sakura wouldn’t have a chance to hit because the opponent would move too fast for her to hit and predict her every move, allowing them to needle her with weak moves and wear her down. Robin, meanwhile, could just trap them, first with hands coming out of their own body and then while they’re struggling against those, more hands from the ground. The mind reading speedster couldn’t do anything about it because he can’t stop her using her Devil Fruit power even if he knows it’s coming.

    Sorry, I think I got sidetracked a bit

    • I’m not sure about the analogy. If the opponent is too fast for Sakura too his with her super speed, I’m not sure the hands would work. Usually yes, like how everyone trips up the Flash, but with his mind reading ability, he would know where Robin is going to place the hands way before she actually places them. So with his super speed he should be able to take the win. Of course I guess it depends on exactly how fast the opponent is. Mindreading definitely helps for auto wins. But yeah, there are probably opponents that Robin could beat that Sakura couldn’t and likewise.

      • The point I’m making is that if Robin makes the hands come out of this hypothetical opponent, they can’t exactly do much about them even if they do know when and where they’re coming. But anyway, my point is that not all fights are a direct comparison of who’s more powerful, fast or durable. In many cases, the winner will be the one more suited to fighting their opponent.

      • But if the opponent knows when and where they’re coming shouldn’t it be easy to dodge. Just quickly sidestep out of the way or throw something at Robin to distract her. I just find that her power isn’t really helpful against most characters since they can dodge or overpower them.

        But yeah, I agree that it’s not always about which characters is stronger, but how well they use their powers and what advantages they may have.

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