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Shinoa vs Mikasa

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Shinoa is already one of the fan favorite characters and its easy to see why. Her name was the first one that I memorized in the show. She’s very charasmatic although her teasing of Yuichiro can go a little far as she is always taunting him about his heroic drive to stay pure. I also feel that she has not lived up to the hype in terms pf ability, but that’s more of an issue for the series. She has a pretty cool demon sword, which could blow Mikasa away with a single shot. Mikasa needs a Titan Form to at least make things interesting and even then Shinoa will likely have the edge. These two are both trained fighters with a solid reputation behind them, but Shinoa is simply more skilled at the moment. These two couldn’t be more different personality wise and I just wonder how much bigger the hype backfire would have been if Shinoa had entered the series with Mikasa’s hype. Shinoa wins.

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