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Rhedosaurus vs Spica

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is a powerful monster who is said to even be a match for the legendary Zilla. He eats people for breakfast and Spica will be no different. She has her spirits to protect her, but they really won’t be able to do much of anything against a powerful foe like the Rhedosaurus. He’s simply too big for any of her attacks to actually hurt him. She can only dodge for so long and then eventually she will have to hold the L. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Spica vs Peach

Suggested by Destroyer Spica is a good Detective or at least she has little friends who help her solve the case. At the end of the day, she gets results and that’s what counts. Unfortunately for her, Spica’s hand to hand skills are very limited and won’t help her a great deal in a fight. Peach is the more impressive fighter and will quickly take the advantage. Peach wins.

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Road Runner vs Spica

Road Runner has speed that’s so great he can even take down Spica. Spica may know some hand to hand skills and can use them to take down other opponents, but it’s not enough to take down Road Runner. Spica drops down the ranks with this loss, but maybe one day she’ll be back. Road Runner wins.