Maki Genryusai vs Batgirl

Suggested by iKnowledge Maki definitely has the edge in pure hand to hand combat skills but I wouldn’t say that this is by a large margin. Batgirl is close enough where her gadgets will make up the difference and then some. It’s why gadgets are so useful in a fight like this. Hastily thrown they can end up being a liability but Batgirl is just as good at using those as she is at fighting. Ultimately that means Maki will be out of luck here. Batgirl wins.

Nakoruru vs Batgirl

Suggested by iKnowledge Batgirl is a talented hand to hand fighter with a lot of gadgets at her disposal. That won’t be enough to defeat a more magical based opponent though. Nakoruru is very talented at hand to hand and with her sword but she also has the ability to enhance each blow with magic or fire the energy off directly. Batgirl isn’t prepared to handle an opponent with metahuman abilities like that and would ultimately be overwhelmed. Nakoruru wins.

Christie vs Batgirl

Barbara isn’t quite as skilled as Cassandra so this would be a closer fight. In pure hand to hand combat I dare say that Christie may even have the slight edge here. Batgirl’s never been quite as impressive as some of the other Bats. That said, she has quite a few gadgets to help compensate for that. Her explosives will keep Christie on the defensive for the whole match and will never allow her to get comfortable. That’s enough of a disruption to ensure that Christie is completely doomed here. Batgirl wins.

Batgirl vs Spica

Suggested by Sonic Spica is a pretty solid detective even if she did have a lot of help in her cases. That being said, Spica is still completely outmatched against someone like Batgirl. Batgirl is also an expert hand to hand fighter which really makes a world of difference here. There’s just no way you can hope to beat a fighter like that. It’s simply not happening. Spica would need to train for years to get to that level. Batgirl wins.

Meryl Silverburgh vs Batgirl

Suggested by iKnowledge Meryl Silverburgh is a very strong combatant who is an expert with a gun. You won’t be sneaking up on her and she won’t miss any shots. That being said, Batgirl has tangled with many opponents like her and won’t have a problem claiming the win here. Her whole toolkit is built to handle opponents who have a gun and Meryl will fall like all the rest. Barbara’s too experienced and skilled to lose. Batgirl wins.

Batman vs Batgirl

Batman is back and now it’s time to take on Batgirl. Batgirl has a lot of gadgets and she’s good at hand to hand, but it won’t be enough. Batman is the original crimefighter and he has a lot more battle experience than her. He’s even taken on Superman in the past! Batman wins.

Lazerman vs Batgirl

Batgirl has her trusty utility belt and with it she can use a lot of gadgets. Of course Lazerman’s super speed would be enough to take down many opponents. Batgirl’s speed just can’t keep up with Lazerman’s, plus Lazerman’s power is a lot more intense than Batgirl’s. Batgirl drops down the ranks with this loss. Lazerman wins.

Batgirl vs Batwoman

Batgirl is the original Bat female. She knows the tricks and fighting skills better than any other Batgirl or Batwoman ever will. Batwoman has some minor skills, but that won’t save her. Batgirl also has some batarangs. Batwoman only has a pale imitation of them. Batgirl wins.

Supergirl vs Batgirl

Supergirl and Batgirl have been rivals ever since they went skiing in Justice League. There rivalry is much like Superman and Batman’s. Supergirl can definitely beat Batgirl. Batgirl is like Batman just possibly weaker, though I don’t see how that’s even possible. Supergirl is also slightly weaker than Superman. Supergirl wins.