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Devil Girl vs Ai Enma

Devil Girl makes her debut onto the blog with this round. I had the inspiration to quickly do this match when I happened to catch sight of the dvd. At the very least, I think this was the DVD, it may have been a similarly titles horror film since there are so many of them. Ai Enma is more commonly known as Hell Girl and she still has the edge in this fight. She has control over fire and can fire large energy blasts. Not to mention the fact that illusions do not affect her. Devil Girl has some mild super strength, but that’s not going to get her very far against Ai Enma. The tables have turned and it’s time for her to start exorcising these horror movie monsters! Ai Enma wins.

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Ai Enma vs Ring

Ai Enma has giant dark beams. With them she can take on Ring and win. Cool huh? Ring just doesn’t have the power to win against the power of Ai Enma. Ai Enma doesn’t fight much but when she does it can be fatal, but Ring is slightly tougher. Ring wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Ai Enma

Ghost Rider is a fantastic motorcyclist. He can actually drive without falling which is bad news for Ai Enma. She can only catch people who are in one place. Also she couldn’t survive the pain of the billions of people she’s mercilessly destroyed. Too bad she had to fight Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ai Enma vs Light

Both of these characters are very shady and are definitely not Heroes. They both think that what they do is right. This battle is assuming someone wrote Light’s name on the website and when she came he wrote her name. The question is will his notebook affect her and will her taking him to hell matter or not. He’s so insane he might like it there and destroy all of the dead people. This is a close battle but without there powers Ai Enma is just a girl while Light’s an adult with kung fu moves. But Ai Enma can shoot energy blasts. Ai Enma Wins…….Or that was the case, but Light is not just a kid anymore. Now he’s a shinigami with a weapon. Ai Enma can’t win. Light wins…….which may have been true, but Ai Enma’s energy blasts still win this round. Ai Enma wins.