Chrome vs Ring

Suggested by Sonic This is definitely a pretty close fight. Chrome is easily one of if not the weakest member of the Vongola group. The rest would be able to easily take Ring down but with her abilities relying on illusions it gets a little trickier. Ring also sounds like she had some decent fights in the Megaman manga which would help her chances. For the moment I would still give this to Chrome. She should be able to overwhelm Ring with her summons and vines from the illusions which she can virtually make real. Ring’s lack of feats ends up costing her here. Chrome wins.

Gemini Saga vs Ring

Gemini Saga is back and this time he’s up against Ring! Ring has some pretty impressive battlechips at her disposal, but in the end they won’t be a match for Gemini Saga’s speed and power! With one good blast he can deal a lot of damage! Ring may not last past the first shot. Gemini Saga wins.

Ring vs Amazo

Amazo has many powers. He had copied countless numbers of them. Sadly for him they were DC characters. Ring is a Megaman character and has many battlechips at her disposal. Amazo didn’t stand a chance. Ring wins.

Well, Amazo has enough raw power to fight with guys like Superman so now I think the tides have turned. Amazo wins.