Bowlman vs Lazerman

Bowlman is a pretty good fighter. With one bowling ball he can take on many opponents! Not even Numberman was able to take him down. Of course Lazerman is far stronger than Numberman! Lazerman has super speed and with his beams he’ll take the win. Bowlman drops down the ranks with this loss. Lazerman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Bowlman

Bowlman hasn’t faced anyone in a while. This will be a good chance to remind the fans of his abilities! Of course Gemini Saga is far too powerful for Bowlman. With one blast he can take out whole planets. I’m afraid Bowlman just doesn’t have those kinds of abilities….yet. Gemini Saga wins.

Mephisto vs Bowlman

Mephisto has super powers that let him pwn many people. So as sad as it is Bowlman loses this match. He doesn’t have enough firepower to defeat Mephisto. We’ll miss Bowlman, but his drop has let Mephisto climb the blog ranks for a bit. For that we are grateful. Nobody will forget Bowlman. Mephisto wins.