Gemini Saga vs Knightman

Knightman has his big wrecking ball, but he lacks speed. Gemini Saga could speedblitz him all day. Knightman just isn’t on quite the same level as Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga increases his record to even greater heights with this win, but the same can’t be said for Knightman. Gemini Saga wins.


Knightman vs Bowlman

This is Knightman’s final match so it’s lucky for him that he’s fighting Bowlman. Because of this Knightman actually wins. Bowlman isn’t so lucky. Knightman wins.

Knightman vs Hatman

Hatman has some magic tricks but he is just a weaker version of Magicman and can’t take on his power. So for the first time in a while Knightman takes this match. Knightman wins.

Knightman vs Roll

Knightman has a wrecking ball but it can’t stop Roll. Roll has super speed which lets her dodge it time and time again. Knightman is pretty doomed right now. Roll wins.

Knightman vs Magicman

Magicman has magic abilities that are too powerful for Knightman to handle. Knightman has crossfusion but it can’t defeat Magicman anymore than Superman can beat Goku. Magicman wins.

Knightman vs Numberman

Numberman has his own Doom Dice System! With it he can try and suceed in beating Knightman. Knightman just doesn’t have the power to win this one. Numberman wins.

Napalmman vs Knightman

Knightman has a wrecking ball that he swings, and swings for a while hoping to take down Napalmman. But it won’t work because Napalmman has the power to win. Napalmman wins.

Videoman vs Knightman

Knightman has a wrecking ball and can swing it at Videoman. Sadly it won’t work because Videoman is
protected by his many clones, and they know how to take a hit. Videoman wins.

Spikeman vs Knightman

Spikeman has crossfusion and can fight Knightman hand to hand and win. Pretty amazing considering that Knightman has the word knight in his name, but that’s how the cheese is mixed. Spikeman wins.

Metalman vs Knightman

Metalman has a big fist that is a legendary technique and can fight Knightman. Knightman is just not a good enough fighter to defeat Metalman and never will. Metalman wins.