Batwoman vs Catwoman

Catwoman is back in a pretty close fight against Catwoman. These two are about evenly matched, but Catwoman has more appearances at her disposal. The more comic appearances you’re in, the better chance you have of showing off better hand to hand skills. It could be easy for Catwoman to be surpassed in the future. Catwoman wins.


Owlman vs Batwoman

Owlman has fighting abilities that Batwoman can’t even begin to understand. She can try to fight but will lose every time. Owlman is not only good at hand to hand, but also has robot stuff that makes him stronger. Owlman wins.

Bly vs Batwoman

Batwoman used to be okay, but now she’s a cheap character. It’s not her fault that the comics wrecked her, but wreck her they did. Bly could take her out in one slash. Bly’s faster, stronger and has 100 million times her skills. Batwoman wouldn’t know what hit her. Bly wins.

Batgirl vs Batwoman

Batgirl is the original Bat female. She knows the tricks and fighting skills better than any other Batgirl or Batwoman ever will. Batwoman has some minor skills, but that won’t save her. Batgirl also has some batarangs. Batwoman only has a pale imitation of them. Batgirl wins.