Maschenny Khun vs Hwa Ryun

Maschenny Khun makes her debut on the blog and she’s certainly a powerful fighter. Her super speed and thunder abilities make it difficult for any fighter to catch her. While Hwa Ryun may have the edge in tactical intelligence she is not going to be a match in pure hand to hand combat. Ultimately she just doesn’t have the physical abilities to keep up. Maschenny Khun wins.

Hwa Ryun vs Batwoman

Hwa Ryun doesn’t usually go into the front lines of combat but she can certainly fight when needed. Her close quarter combat skills would definitely be enough to overwhelm Batwoman. Batwoman has a lot of gadgets at the ready but Hwa’s ability to see the right path at all times will help her dodge the various attacks and sneak attacks will be rendered really ineffective. Hwa Ryun wins.