Maschenny Khun vs Caulifla

Maschenny is a character who likes a good fight but only when the deck is stacked in her favor. She relies on her tactics to win fights while Caulifla just goes in and secures her victory. This member of the Khun family is quite talented but ultimately she will just be out of luck here. The difference in combat ability is far too great. Caulifla wins.

Maschenny Khun vs Hwa Ryun

Maschenny Khun makes her debut on the blog and she’s certainly a powerful fighter. Her super speed and thunder abilities make it difficult for any fighter to catch her. While Hwa Ryun may have the edge in tactical intelligence she is not going to be a match in pure hand to hand combat. Ultimately she just doesn’t have the physical abilities to keep up. Maschenny Khun wins.