Tecna vs Maschenny Khun

Maschenny Khun is very powerful and someone who can hold her own against other high rankers in the verse. Tecna can fly and has some long range options but ultimately it’s hard to see any of those being very effective here. She is just not fast enough to make a difference within this battle because her stats are too low. Her attacks likely wouldn’t deal any damage and are also just too slow to land. That’s what is going to get her in the end. Maschenny Khun wins.

Freefall vs Tecna

Suggested by iKnowledge Freefall has some really solid gravity powers which always means that she has a fighting chance. Personally I find that element to be particularly impressive because there is just so much that you can do with gravity. I don’t think it’ll be enough to stop Tecna though. Tecna has a large variety of energy blasts and shield techniques that she can use to stop any attack. While gravity would not be affected, Freefall will be busy trying to block Tecna’s attacks. Tecna wins.