Batgirl vs Batwoman

Batgirl is the original Bat female. She knows the tricks and fighting skills better than any other Batgirl or Batwoman ever will. Batwoman has some minor skills, but that won’t save her. Batgirl also has some batarangs. Batwoman only has a pale imitation of them. Batgirl wins.

2 thoughts on “Batgirl vs Batwoman

  1. Ah but batwoman was created in 1954. The first batgirl Was her niece. When the Adam west batman show was created then they created barbra Gordon to be the new batgirl. In the 1970s Batman family comics starring batgirl and robin, barbra Gordon teamed up wit b kathy kane the original batwoman ,(for what would be kathy’s final outing as the batwoman before she was murdered. ) and barbra Gordon would say how she had admired her and when someone had suggested her change her name from batgirl to batwoman she declined saying it was disrespectful to the original.
    Now as for the new batwoman, Kate kane. She is in a sense a better counterpart to the original batwoman. However for all her training she is too lethal. Therefore I would go with the Original batwoman or batgirl.

    • Wow, I never actually knew that. Very interesting to hear and thanks for commentating. I’ll be sure to update the summary here to make it more accurate. I gotta work on my Bat mythology a little more.

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