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Catwoman vs Elektra

Catwoman and Elektra are pretty evenly matched and both of them can be lethal in close combat. I would still have to give Elektra the edge because she seems like the better fighter and her twin blades make for very good weapons. They aren’t called twin blades if we’re being technical, but that’s essentially their main function. Catwoman has her whip, but Elektra is skilled enough to dodge the blows and turn things to her advantage. Elektra wins.

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Harley Quinn vs Catwoman

Without power ups I’d give this to Catwoman. I’d say she’s just better at hand to hand combat when it comes down to it. Of course the gods gave Harley Quinn a power up back in the day and even gave her a hammer! With all of her abilities increased I think Harley Quinn has the edge. Harley Quinn wins.

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Enchantress vs Catwoman

The Enchantress is extremely powerful and has fought against powerful beings like Hulk and Thor! Catwoman may be pretty athletic and an expert at hand to hand combat, but it’s just not enough. One spell from Enchantress and the battle could be over right away. Enchantress rises up the ranks with this win. Enchantress wins.

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Batwoman vs Catwoman

Catwoman is back in a pretty close fight against Catwoman. These two are about evenly matched, but Catwoman has more appearances at her disposal. The more comic appearances you’re in, the better chance you have of showing off better hand to hand skills. It could be easy for Catwoman to be surpassed in the future. Catwoman wins.

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Wonder Woman vs Catwoman

Catwoman may be a skilled thief, but she can’t take down Wonder Woman in a fight. Wonder Woman’s too fast and too strong to lose to Catwoman. Wonder Woman has beaten far stronger opponents and rises up the ranks with this win. Catwoman takes a drop with this loss, but she’ll be back. Wonder Woman wins.

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Black Cat vs Catwoman

Catwoman has agility and speed, but Black Cat is stronger. With her skills Catwoman doesn’t stand a chance. Catwoman never really got any big power ups that could have helped her in this match. Black Cat has matched her skills with Spiderman. Black Cat gets a win and rises for this match. Maybe Catwoman can do the same in the future. Black Cat wins.

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Batman vs Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman are both pretty good hand to hand fighters. Of course Batman will always be the superb fighter. His skills have been improved to a degree that he is one of the top hand to hand fighters in all of DC. Catwoman is good, but she’s not That good.

Catwoman has finally back to fight, but sadly for her it was a loss. She’ll be back, as no one stays dead in the blog. Batman will also be back, a couple of times in fact. Batman’s just too popular to go down. You could even argue that he’s the most popular character in all of comics….though you may not want to go that far. Batman wins.

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Gon vs Catwoman

Catwoman is one of the weakest Batman villains of all time. She has some hand to hand experience, but it is the experience of defeat. She has a whip, but she gets whipped by it. She has some cats, all of which are stronger than her. Her only hope is to beat Batman the way you beat Captain James T Kirk. Sadly for her Gon is a little boy, and none of her tricks work on him. Gon wins.