Batman vs Catwoman

Catwoman and Batman are both pretty good hand to hand fighters. Of course Batman will always be the superb fighter. His skills have been improved to a degree that he is one of the top hand to hand fighters in all of DC. Catwoman is good, but she’s not That good.

Catwoman has finally back to fight, but sadly for her it was a loss. She’ll be back, as no one stays dead in the blog. Batman will also be back, a couple of times in fact. Batman’s just too popular to go down. You could even argue that he’s the most popular character in all of comics….though you may not want to go that far. Batman wins.


8 thoughts on “Batman vs Catwoman

  1. Batman is good at fighting, but so is Catwoman. I can imagine the fight going like their chasing, Batman chases Catwoman, she get’s tripped by Batman. Catwoman kicks Batman in the stomach and their off again. This time Batman punches Catwoman in the face, following up with a knee to the gut. Catwoman claw’s his cape, and arms, and kicks him once again. Batman knocks Catwoman down and punches her in the face again. I really don’t know what would happen though.

  2. I guess batman is stronger and faster but Selina is better at acrobatics. who would win a fight to the death though? Could you make another thing for that? and if ya do please send the link in the reply

    • I only do each fight once here, but effectively as per the blog rules both fighters are trying as hard as they can to win. The opponent isn’t destroyed except if necessary though and I like to think that matches end with everyone being safe

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