Black Cat vs Morbius

Black Cat and Morbius have both possessed a degree of super strength in the past. Morbius may have the slight edge in strength, but Black Cat counters with her speed advantage. In Spiderman Edge of Time, she got upgraded so that her speed was even better and her strength was enhanced as well. Given all of that, it’s hard to really see Morbius taking the win here. He’ll continue to weaken as he is deprived of his plasma. Black Cat wins.

Black Cat vs Catwoman

Catwoman has agility and speed, but Black Cat is stronger. With her skills Catwoman doesn’t stand a chance. Catwoman never really got any big power ups that could have helped her in this match. Black Cat has matched her skills with Spiderman. Black Cat gets a win and rises for this match. Maybe Catwoman can do the same in the future. Black Cat wins.

Black Cat vs Spiderman

Black Cat is back, but this time she’s fighting someone who’s out of her league. Spiderman may not look so tough at first, but when you think about it, he’s a dangerous foe. Spiderman has access to the power cosmic and the phoenix force. If this wasn’t enough he also has the Symbiote. With all of this at his disposal there’s no way he can lose. Black Cat takes a loss in this match, but one day she’ll be back. Spiderman wins.

Spiderman 2099 vs Black Cat

Black Cat is a strong fighter, but she lacks the skills of Spiderman 2099. Spiderman 2099 is a Spidey with a mission. He has the skills to take down anyone in his way. He’s a better fighter than Black Cat. Black Cat takes a loss in this match and falls down the blog rankings. Spiderman 2099 takes a win and rises even higher into the blog. Black Cat will be back. Spiderman 2099 wins.