Harley Quinn vs Hawkgirl

Suggested by Sonic Harley Quinn is definitely a character who has been getting a lot of screen time recently. She’s an excellent hand to hand fighter and even got superhuman abilities for a while. That said, Hawkgirl easily wins this round. She became a Black Lantern at one point which gave her a whole slew of great abilities and additionally she already had super strength and some slight healing regeneration. In a straight fight I don’t see any way Harley Quinn can even try to turn the tides of battle. Hawkgirl wins.

Harley Quinn vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous Harley Quinn is an impressive hand to hand fighter. Over the years she has honed her skills quite a lot to the point where she can even give a foe like Nightwing a run for his money. That won’t be enough to stop Kiva though. Kiva is quite fast and skilled as well. Additionally he has quite a few special abilities including elemental attacks which will tip the scales of battle his way. Quinn just needs more power ups to catch him. Kiva wins.

Joystick vs Harley Quinn

Suggested by iKnowledge Joystick is a pretty good athletic fighter. She has a degree of super strength and speed that is on par with a Scarlet Spider. She is a formidable fighter and while Harley Quinn is skilled as well, her attack power is nothing special. Hand to hand combat might be Harley’s only edge, but I don’t think it can compensate for the gap in strength. Joystick also knows the basics of hand to hand as well. Joystick wins.

Ellie vs Harley Quinn


Suggested by IKnowledge Harley Quinn is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and she has used many different weapons over the years. That being said, she may not need most of them since hand to hand skills are very useful in a match like this. Ellie won’t be able to compete with Harley in this area and that will prevent her from doing much with her weapons. Surviving against zombies is very different than going up against super villains. Harley Quinn wins.

Harley Quinn vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Cell has returned, but this round won’t go very differently from his match against the Joker. Harley Quinn has a lot of trick weapons and her hand to hand skills aren’t bad, but what does it all matter against an opponent who can destroy the entire planet with a wave of his hand? Cell’s speed is also vastly superior to Harley Quinn’s, so she shouldn’t really be able to land a hit. Cell wins.

Anakin Solo vs Harley Quinn

Suggested by iKnowledge Anakin Solo makes his debut onto the blog with this win. He is certainly a tough fellow and his Force abilities should not be underestimated. He didn’t get to show off his abilities quite as much as other fighters like Dark Vader, but he has enough skills to take Harley down. She is good at hand to hand combat, but that isn’t of much use against a Lightsaber. Anything she can try to do, Anakin can do better. Anakin Solo wins.

Harley Quinn vs Batman

Harley Quinn is back, but now she’s up against the Dark Knight himself! Batman is far too good at hand to hand combat to lose this round and he’s also gotten many power ups over the years. Harley Quinn may have a lot of tricks up her sleeve, but in the end she doesn’t have enough. Batman wins.

Harley Quinn vs Superman

Harley Quinn can be pretty tough when she wants to be, but she’s definitely not going to be able to defeat Superman. Superman is the Man of Steel and one good punch is all he needs to take down just about anyone! Superman’s been getting a lot of wins lately and I wonder if it will continue. Superman wins.

Harley Quinn vs Catwoman

Without power ups I’d give this to Catwoman. I’d say she’s just better at hand to hand combat when it comes down to it. Of course the gods gave Harley Quinn a power up back in the day and even gave her a hammer! With all of her abilities increased I think Harley Quinn has the edge. Harley Quinn wins.

Harley Quinn vs Enchantress

Harley Quinn is back, but it’s time for another win for Enchantress! Harley Quinn is tough, but in the end she lacks the advanced magic that Enchantress has. Enchantress could beat Harley Quinn with a single fire ball. The attack would be far too much for Harley Quinn to defend against. Enchantress wins.