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Ellie vs Harley Quinn


Suggested by IKnowledge Harley Quinn is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and she has used many different weapons over the years. That being said, she may not need most of them since hand to hand skills are very useful in a match like this. Ellie won’t be able to compete with Harley in this area and that will prevent her from doing much with her weapons. Surviving against zombies is very different than going up against super villains. Harley Quinn wins.

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Ellie vs Joker


Suggested by IKnowledge Ellie may be good at surviving but she isn’t ready to take on someone like the Joker just yet. While neither one of them have received any exceptional power ups at the moment, the Joker has more fighting experience and a lot of gadgets as well. He can use his zap discs and his acid flowers. On the flip side, Ellie does have blunt objects that she can use as well which are just as deadly in a fight. Still, Jokers got this round. One good power up could change things though. Joker wins.