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Harley Quinn vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous Harley Quinn is an impressive hand to hand fighter. Over the years she has honed her skills quite a lot to the point where she can even give a foe like Nightwing a run for his money. That won’t be enough to stop Kiva though. Kiva is quite fast and skilled as well. Additionally he has quite a few special abilities including elemental attacks which will tip the scales of battle his way. Quinn just needs more power ups to catch him. Kiva wins.

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Batman and Harley Quinn Review

It’s time to look at a fairly recent DC film. The DCAU was one of the best things to ever happen to comics in general so it’s good to see it make a comeback with this film. Unfortunately its comeback is on a rather low note here as the film makes too many mistakes but if this leads to a new Justice League installment or maybe even a Superman film then I’ll be up for it. It definitely got a good retro vibe going for it.

The film starts off with Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man deciding to form an alliance and turn the world into plants. Batman and Nightwing figure that they won’t be able stop this threat on their own so they enlist the help of Harley Quinn. She agrees to help but is determined to make the heroes regret bringing her along. Will this team be able to keep it together long enough to save the world or do they just need to hope that the villains make a mistake somewhere along the line? The time is ticking!

One thing you’ll notice right away is that the film does a good job of recreating the classic sound effects from the DCAU. One thing that always stood out back then was how hard each blow sounded. Every movement had power behind it and it’s likely also due to the animation style. This film recreated it quite well and then throwing in the familiar voices made the experience even more authentic. On a technical level the film certainly didn’t disappoint. The hand to hand fights are also quite solid like Nightwing vs Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy vs Harley. Both fights were nice and long. It does bring up a mild question though of how Poison Ivy is so good at martial arts. I can understand Harley being really good, although I think she should not be able to do so well against Nightwing, but then how can Poison Ivy hold her own against such an opponent? It seems like everyone is apparently a martial arts master at this point.

Batman is a solid main character as always. While I think he was rather quick to throw in the towel by asking Harley to come along I guess time was of the essence here. The villains plan was actually pretty quick and well thought out for a change. It’s certainly a fairly unique threat. Batman is also upfront with the constant insults to the government so it’s nice to see that he is still feared by villains and heroes alike. I mean, the henchmen at the bar didn’t fear him, but they were quickly taught that lesson afterwards.

Lets talk about where the film went wrong now. For starters, it definitely is trying quite a bit to be edgier than the old days. Not in a cool well written way like Batman V Superman as that’s dark, but not edgy. Here we have Harley Quinn throwing in swear words just to remind us that she’s one of the villains from time to time. The script never gets too crazy, but each moment feels forced. Then we have random comments thrown in to show us that everyone is rather terrible in Gotham. The government agent guy is cheating for some reason and the normal citizens are all James Bond and Captain Kirk types.

The film also includes quite a bit of fanservice with Harley Quinn. As with Suicide Squad all it does it help defeat the point of trying to make her a strong character. The scene with her and Nightwing takes the cake of being the worst scene in the film though. It’s no surprise to see Harley Quinn back on the rebound, but Nightwing should have had the will power to stay true to the mission and refuse her. He looked terrible in that scene and this leads to a lot of painful lines later on as it keeps being brought up. On second thought, the writing was actually rather bad in this film. We even get crude humor thrown in.

So, Batman is the only good hero in this film. Nightwing was completely destroyed by this scene and just couldn’t make it back up the charts. There’s no way to take him seriously by this point. Then Harley Quinn is also beyond saving because her character is just no good. It’s great that she doesn’t want to be a villain anymore and she tries to earn sympathy points by showing how rough it is for an ex-con in Gotham, but she certainly doesn’t make it any easier on herself. She gets a happy ending at least so hopefully she doesn’t mess it up this time.

The villains are a lot more interesting and they’re better handled. The Floronic Man is the completely evil member of the duo and he can’t wait to destroy the humans. He’s a villain who has never gotten the spotlight before so it was cool to see him here. The guy seems like a reasonable villain. He may not be much of a threat, but can still put up a fairly good fight. Then we have Poison Ivy who was always good in the DCAU. She isn’t as insane as the average villain and ultimately at least has a good reason for being evil. I do think it was a bit iffy how Floronic Man was basically the leader of their partnership though since he is basically made out of plants. I think Ivy should be able to defeat him rather easily, but of course walking within punching distance wouldn’t be wise. These two villains are probably the 2nd and 3rd best characters in the film.

There isn’t much of a soundtrack, but we hear a really solid remix near the end of the film and overall it was rather fast paced. I wasn’t crazy about the lyrical songs though so I guess they roughly cancel out in the end. This film isn’t too long and the pacing is good so at least it doesn’t end up dragging on. I do have to question why the film plays up a certain death near the end like it’s a big deal though. It was a character that nobody cared about and it’s not as if he died in a particularly brutal way or anything. I guess the heroes are heroic enough to care though so I can’t fault them for that.

Overall, Batman and Harley Quinn wasn’t a good movie but I think anyone probably could have guessed that based on the title. Whenever there is a film based around Harley Quinn you know that it’s not going to work out very well. This film pretty much made every mistake that it could here. At least it wasn’t all that violent so it dodged that. Still, excessive fanservice and bad writing is enough to bring a film down. Also the quick case of animal violence as a mouse blows up. That scene is so incredibly unnecessary that you have to wonder what the film was thinking. I would recommend passing on this film as there are plenty of other, better DC films to watch instead.

Overall 4/10

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Joystick vs Harley Quinn

Suggested by iKnowledge Joystick is a pretty good athletic fighter. She has a degree of super strength and speed that is on par with a Scarlet Spider. She is a formidable fighter and while Harley Quinn is skilled as well, her attack power is nothing special. Hand to hand combat might be Harley’s only edge, but I don’t think it can compensate for the gap in strength. Joystick also knows the basics of hand to hand as well. Joystick wins.

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Ellie vs Harley Quinn


Suggested by IKnowledge Harley Quinn is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and she has used many different weapons over the years. That being said, she may not need most of them since hand to hand skills are very useful in a match like this. Ellie won’t be able to compete with Harley in this area and that will prevent her from doing much with her weapons. Surviving against zombies is very different than going up against super villains. Harley Quinn wins.

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Harley Quinn vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Cell has returned, but this round won’t go very differently from his match against the Joker. Harley Quinn has a lot of trick weapons and her hand to hand skills aren’t bad, but what does it all matter against an opponent who can destroy the entire planet with a wave of his hand? Cell’s speed is also vastly superior to Harley Quinn’s, so she shouldn’t really be able to land a hit. Cell wins.

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Anakin Solo vs Harley Quinn

Suggested by iKnowledge Anakin Solo makes his debut onto the blog with this win. He is certainly a tough fellow and his Force abilities should not be underestimated. He didn’t get to show off his abilities quite as much as other fighters like Dark Vader, but he has enough skills to take Harley down. She is good at hand to hand combat, but that isn’t of much use against a Lightsaber. Anything she can try to do, Anakin can do better. Anakin Solo wins.

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FCBD 2016 Suicide Squad Review

As you all may be aware, I am definitely not a Suicide Squad fan. I’ve always thought that the whole franchise was fairly terrible and the new movie looks to be quite bad as well. Thus, I was not surprised to see that this comic was terrible as well. The cover is horrible and that makes for a bad first impression as well. This comic really couldn’t do anything right and if it wanted to get me hyped for the main series…it didn’t really work. The entirety of the comic is basically about the Suicide Squad being tortured and then they are sent on their first mission.

I suppose you are supposed to be impressed with these guys and how tough they are. They’re being beaten quite a bit, but they are still able to pull off one liners and hardcore sounding talk. They aren’t intimidated and give the interrogators a tough time as they all relive their origin stories. It was fun to see cameos from Black Canary and Batman, but it doesn’t really add a whole lot to the story. None of the origin stories are all that good either although they aren’t quite as gruesome as the main story so I’ll give it some props for that I suppose.

The art is a little busy, but it’s not all that bad I suppose. The comic just needs to work on making the colors more distinctive and sharp like the rest of the DC titles. This also doesn’t make Waller and the shady part of the government look any better. Not only are the Suicide Squad members being forced to take on their missions, but they’re also being beaten up as part of a test. You really can’t trust anyone in the DC universe.

The whole comic was very bad so let’s spend this last paragraph just discussing how it could be better. For starters, the violence needs to be toned down quite a bit. That can easily be done by having different camera angles, less blood, and simply using different situations. Instead of using these contraptions, the villains could have just been talking tough the whole time or maybe using a smoke bomb that will eventually start choking the heroes. The art needs to be more colorful and the Squad should also try to have at least one likable member as opposed to all of them being impossible to root for. Of course, it’ll be tough to do that without becoming a full blown comedy action or something like that, but a good writer can pull it off. It will lose part of its audience though so the writers will have to weigh the pros and cons here. Well, that wraps up the Marvel and DC adventures from FCBD so time to move on to the others.

Overall 3/10

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Harley Quinn vs Batman

Harley Quinn is back, but now she’s up against the Dark Knight himself! Batman is far too good at hand to hand combat to lose this round and he’s also gotten many power ups over the years. Harley Quinn may have a lot of tricks up her sleeve, but in the end she doesn’t have enough. Batman wins.

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Harley Quinn vs Superman

Harley Quinn can be pretty tough when she wants to be, but she’s definitely not going to be able to defeat Superman. Superman is the Man of Steel and one good punch is all he needs to take down just about anyone! Superman’s been getting a lot of wins lately and I wonder if it will continue. Superman wins.

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Harley Quinn vs Catwoman

Without power ups I’d give this to Catwoman. I’d say she’s just better at hand to hand combat when it comes down to it. Of course the gods gave Harley Quinn a power up back in the day and even gave her a hammer! With all of her abilities increased I think Harley Quinn has the edge. Harley Quinn wins.