Atrocitus vs Hawkman

Atrocitus is one of the stronger Lanterns in DC and one good hit would be enough to take Hawkman down. I don’t even think that Atrocitus would need his Red Lantern abilities to defeat Hawkman since he’s proven to be very adept at hand to hand combat. Hawkman takes another loss with this round and he probably wishes that he had been a tougher Black Lantern! Atrocitus wins.

Hawkman vs Flash

Wally West was a key player in the Blackest Night arc as he warned many heroes. Hawkman must not have gotten the memo and he really tried to help the Black Lantern cause. I’m confident that the Flash could easily outrun Hawkman and take him down with a few punches. With great speed also comes great strength! Flash wins.

Sinestro vs Hawkman

Sinestro has his GL Power Ring at the ready and he’s also got a yellow version. Hawkman may have his mace, but he’s definitely out of his league. Sinestro can hang back and quickly chip away at his health from afar or he can get in close and defeat Hawkman in hand to hand combat. Either way, Hawkman needs a few more Power Rings to make this an even match. Sinestro wins.

Hawkman vs Falcon

Hawkman and Falcon are both pretty tough aerial combatants. I’d say that Hawkman has the edge with his weapons and armor. His Nth metal allows him to heal wounds and he also has some to equipment to heavily amp up his strength. I don’t think Falcon can overcome all of that. Hawkman wins.

Martian Manhunter vs Hawkman

Martian Manhunter is back on the blog to take on Hawkman! Hawkman may have his wings and regenerative powers, but Martian Manhunter is too powerful for him. He’s taken on guys like Superman Prime! Hawkman tried taking him on…but let’s just say things didn’t go well. Martian Manhunter rises up the ranks with this win. Martian Manhunter wins.

Hawkman vs Joker

Hawkman can fly and has some pretty good healing abilities. Not to mention that he’s a Black and White Lantern. With these abilities at his disposal I think he has the edge. Not to mention that one of his weapons is about as powerful as a planet! Now that’s pretty intense when you think about it. Hawkman wins.

Hawkman vs Loki

Hawkman may be pretty athletic, but in the end that doesn’t save him from getting pwned by Loki. Loki has some pretty tough magic powers and has used Thor’s Hammer in the past. One good thunder bolt and Hawkman’s gone. He just didn’t have enough power to take down Loki. Loki finally rises up the blog ranks with this win. Loki wins.

Hawkman vs Airman

Hawkman has the claw of Horus. It’s power is so great that it can take out Superman (when he’s not at his best) Airman has wind powers, but in the end are they enough? Yes they are! Hawkman may have a weapon that can defeat Airman, but he’s not quite fast enough to get Airman with it. Airman wins.