Atrocitus vs Hercule

Suggested by iKnowledge Hercule is a fun character, but he doesn’t have the have the sheer strength and speed needed to take the win here. Atrocitus is limited only by his imagination and his red ring attacks will blow right past Hercule. Hercule can’t react to the attacks very well and will really be on the defensive throughout. Atrocitus simply isn’t going down but this is Dragon Ball so you never know when Hercule will get a significant power up at some point. Atrocitus wins.

Last Dragonborn vs Atrocitus

The Last Dragonborn is a tough guy who has had to survive natural ailments and a lot of dragons. Pretty much every force of nature has had a swing at him and the Dragonborn is still going. That won’t be enough to stop a Red Lantern though. Atrocitus has a whole lot of energy attacks at his disposal but his typical go to is pure force. He can barrel into Dragonborn at incredible speed which would take him out of the fight in an instant. There’s just not much he could do at that point and Atrocitus can fly which gives him a huge edge. Atrocitus wins.

Voldo vs Atrocitus

Atrocitus is a powerful Green Lantern villain. He’s easily one of the stronger threats in DC even if you don’t hear about him a whole lot. Voldo is an unpredictable fighter who can move quite fast but that’s no substitute for absolute raw power. Atrocitus could absolutely crush Voldo in a fight and that’s really all you need to know about who would win this fight. Atrocitus also has a barrier from his Power Ring which would block all of Voldo’s attacks. Atrocitus wins.

Atrocitus vs Man Bat

Suggested by Sonic Atrocitus is a very powerful DC villain and it’s safe to say that he is well above Man Bat’s weight class. There isn’t a whole lot that Man Bat can do against such an opponent. A single energy blast from the Red Lantern ring would send Man Bat flying. Atrocitus can also fly at far greater speeds than Man Bat which is basically game over for the fighter. Atrocitus wins.

Atrocitus vs Naruto

The Last Naruto The Movie Clips (Brief Naruto vs Toneri Footage).mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.11.30_13.31.41]
Suggested by Anon Atrocitus is a very powerful Green Lantern villain and the TV show version DD a good job of showing off his power. That being said, he isn’t ready to handle someone like Naruto at the moment. Naruto has gradually been growing stronger for a very long time and the final two movies really helped to depict just how strong he has gotten. Atrocitius can’t hold Naruto with any of his constructs and he doesn’t have the speed needed to turn this into a hand to hand match. Atrocitus simply won’t be able to sky all that much in this match up which is why Naruto will take this round with ease. Naruto wins.

Atrocitus vs Green Lantern

Atrocitus is back and now he’s up against Green Lantern! Hal has always been a pretty powerful fighter and he’s pretty underrated compared to the other Justice League members. Hal Jordan can keep up with just about anyone and his speed will help him overcome Atrocitus’ raw power. Atrocitus has a lot of durability so it will be a tough fight, but it’s a fight that Hal can win. Green Lantern wins.

Atrocitus vs Hawkman

Atrocitus is one of the stronger Lanterns in DC and one good hit would be enough to take Hawkman down. I don’t even think that Atrocitus would need his Red Lantern abilities to defeat Hawkman since he’s proven to be very adept at hand to hand combat. Hawkman takes another loss with this round and he probably wishes that he had been a tougher Black Lantern! Atrocitus wins.