Voldo vs Atrocitus

Atrocitus is a powerful Green Lantern villain. He’s easily one of the stronger threats in DC even if you don’t hear about him a whole lot. Voldo is an unpredictable fighter who can move quite fast but that’s no substitute for absolute raw power. Atrocitus could absolutely crush Voldo in a fight and that’s really all you need to know about who would win this fight. Atrocitus also has a barrier from his Power Ring which would block all of Voldo’s attacks. Atrocitus wins.

Black Krrsantan vs Voldo

Suggested by iKnowledge Black Krrsantan is a pretty skilled fighter. Effectively he’s like Chewbacca if the classic Star Wars character was even more ferocious in combat. Voldo’s fighting style is very hard to predict though and that’s what is going to help give him an edge here. His weapons are all quite sharp and with his speed he will be able to cleave through Black Krrsantan pretty quickly. No amount of hand to hand skill will stop Voldo’s wrath. Voldo wins.