Atrocitus vs Naruto

The Last Naruto The Movie Clips (Brief Naruto vs Toneri Footage).mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.11.30_13.31.41]
Suggested by Anon Atrocitus is a very powerful Green Lantern villain and the TV show version DD a good job of showing off his power. That being said, he isn’t ready to handle someone like Naruto at the moment. Naruto has gradually been growing stronger for a very long time and the final two movies really helped to depict just how strong he has gotten. Atrocitius can’t hold Naruto with any of his constructs and he doesn’t have the speed needed to turn this into a hand to hand match. Atrocitus simply won’t be able to sky all that much in this match up which is why Naruto will take this round with ease. Naruto wins.

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