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Anakin Solo vs Harley Quinn

Suggested by iKnowledge Anakin Solo makes his debut onto the blog with this win. He is certainly a tough fellow and his Force abilities should not be underestimated. He didn’t get to show off his abilities quite as much as other fighters like Dark Vader, but he has enough skills to take Harley down. She is good at hand to hand combat, but that isn’t of much use against a Lightsaber. Anything she can try to do, Anakin can do better. Anakin Solo wins.


2 thoughts on “Anakin Solo vs Harley Quinn”

    1. Definitely! It has been a while since the last battles that I posted, but i’m trying to be more consistent with it. Today I was able to do around half of my requesters (1 match for each one) so I’ll try to do the other half by Monday and then I should have your next request at some point in the week. I’m aiming for at least 1 request for everyone each week.

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