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Gwen Tennyson vs Enchantress

Suggested by iKnowledge Gwen has obtained some pretty powerful abilities during the Ben 10 series. At her best her magical powers could actually pose a serious threat to the Enchantress. That being said, Enchantress did become a herald of Surtur at one point so defeating her certainly won’t be easy. I think Enchantress certainly has more experience in combat which will work to her advantage and at the end of the day I would also say that her spells are superior. Enchantress wins.

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Ino vs Enchantress

Ino may be a decently tough ninja, but her physical abilities never improved all that much over the course of the Naruto series. That’s not good for her since the speed edge is what she would have needed to claim victory. As it stands, in a battle of ninjutsu vs magic, Enchantress definitely has the advantage here. Her spells have been strong enough to oppose fighters like Thor and Hulk. Ino’s mind transfer jutsu would likely be completely ineffective in this match up. Enchantress wins.

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Hela vs Enchantress

Enchantress is a pretty powerful sorceress and she has been shown to take on opponents as mighty as the Hulk and Thor. Hela is pretty tough and she can destroy an opponent with a touch, but Enchantress’s magical abilities will be enough to tale Hela down from afar. The Avengers show definitely helped her since she looked very impressive. (And I don’t mean the Assemble show!) Enchantress wins.

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Enchantress vs Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman’s force abilities are definitely potent, but the Enchantress has some powerful magic of her own. Not to mention that she has her Surtur enhanced mode which was able to take on Thor and Beta Ray Bill teaming up. I think that power boost will lead her to victory. Enchantress wins.

Update! The Enchantress is powerful, but the Invisible Woman’s cosmic powers should be able to stop her. Invisible Woman wins.

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Harley Quinn vs Enchantress

Harley Quinn is back, but it’s time for another win for Enchantress! Harley Quinn is tough, but in the end she lacks the advanced magic that Enchantress has. Enchantress could beat Harley Quinn with a single fire ball. The attack would be far too much for Harley Quinn to defend against. Enchantress wins.

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Enchantress vs Catwoman

The Enchantress is extremely powerful and has fought against powerful beings like Hulk and Thor! Catwoman may be pretty athletic and an expert at hand to hand combat, but it’s just not enough. One spell from Enchantress and the battle could be over right away. Enchantress rises up the ranks with this win. Enchantress wins.

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Thor vs Enchantress

The Enchantress is an expert at using magic to her advantage. Of course magic will never be a substitute for warrior skills and a hammer like Thor’s. Thor also has a lot more battle experience and can defeat The Enchantress pretty easily. She poses no threat to him in a fight and loses this match. They will continue to fight a bit in the future no doubt, but Thor will always triumph in the end. Thor wins.