Terrax vs Hela

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight but one that Hela should be able to take. Terrax could conceivably match Hela in raw power but she is the better fighter. Additionally while his Axe is more impressive than her Asgardian weapon, she is fast enough to dodge his blasts and swings. At the end of the day the main difference here is that while they both have comparable levels of power, Hela is just more skilled in combat and that will be a huge advantage. Hela wins.

Hela vs Enchantress

Enchantress is a pretty powerful sorceress and she has been shown to take on opponents as mighty as the Hulk and Thor. Hela is pretty tough and she can destroy an opponent with a touch, but Enchantress’s magical abilities will be enough to tale Hela down from afar. The Avengers show definitely helped her since she looked very impressive. (And I don’t mean the Assemble show!) Enchantress wins.

Kismet vs Hela

Kismet is back and this time she’s up against Hela! Hela has super strength and a pretty nifty sword which will help her take the win in this round. Kismet can’t really fight and her abilities aren’t anything special. I’m afraid that she loses this round rather quickly. Hela wins.

Hela vs Thor

Thor is back and this time he’s up against Hela. He’s fought her in the past and can take her down. Hela may have some super strength and speed, but she’s not nearly as much of a fighter as Thor! Thor has taken on much stronger opponents in his day and will continue to fight other big shots. Thor wins.