Thor vs Terrax

Suggested by Jean Terrax is a powerful Herald of Galactus who has strength that is at an incredibly high level. That said, Thor’s hammer will beat the axe any day. Beyond that, Thor’s close quarters combat skills are greater than Terrax’s and his mastery over lightning will also take him farther than Terrax’s energy bolts. Terrax can put up a good fight, but ultimately there is no way for him press any kind of advantage here. Thor wins.

Mongul vs Terrax

Suggested by Destroyer Terrax is a powerful foe but he’s not the only one with an axe. Mongul’s got a lot of high tech equipment on his side but he’s not really going to need it. When you talk about brute strength there are few who can really hope to match him. Terrax is not one of those fighters and he would be absolutely crushed in a fist fight. His axe can help him strike from mid-range but ultimately that will only buy him some time. Mongul wins.

Terrax vs Hela

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight but one that Hela should be able to take. Terrax could conceivably match Hela in raw power but she is the better fighter. Additionally while his Axe is more impressive than her Asgardian weapon, she is fast enough to dodge his blasts and swings. At the end of the day the main difference here is that while they both have comparable levels of power, Hela is just more skilled in combat and that will be a huge advantage. Hela wins.

Captain Cold vs Terrax

Captain Cold has some pretty impressive ice powers. You don’t want to mess with them! Of course Terrax will do more than mess with them, he’ll clobber them! With his raw power he could just shatter the ice when he’s frozen. Captain Cold drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least he tried. Terrax wins.