Skeletor vs Mongul

Suggested by Sonic Skeletor got a massive power boost in the recent (Well it feels recent but I guess it’s fairly old at this point) crossover with the Justice League. He has always been a solid threat when fighting He Man as well though, but I would still give Mongul the edge. While Skeletor has the edge in energy manipulation, Mongul’s physical power and durability can’t be beat. Skeletor will have a hard time dealing any real damage to him. Mongul wins.

Mongul vs Terrax

Suggested by Destroyer Terrax is a powerful foe but he’s not the only one with an axe. Mongul’s got a lot of high tech equipment on his side but he’s not really going to need it. When you talk about brute strength there are few who can really hope to match him. Terrax is not one of those fighters and he would be absolutely crushed in a fist fight. His axe can help him strike from mid-range but ultimately that will only buy him some time. Mongul wins.

Lazerman vs Mongul

Suggested by Destroyer Mongul is one of the stronger DC villains out there. His raw strength is absolutely incredible and he has enough durability to take full powered hits from Superman. He’s certainly no joke, but at the same time neither is Lazerman. Lazerman has a good amount of speed at his disposal and his Disruption Blast can really bring on the pain. Mongul is strong enough to endure quite a few hits, but he will have a difficult time landing any counters. Lazerman wins.

Mongul vs Gon

Mongul is one of Superman’s deadliest foes and his power is pretty astonishing. There aren’t many who would be able to take Mongul down in a fist fight, but Gon is a very powerful warrior and he may be able to pull it off. Gon has a pretty good level of speed which will help him evade Mongul’s attacks and he can hold his own in a long range battle thanks to his nen abilities. Mongul takes a loss with this round, but he’ll be back. Gon wins.

Battra vs Mongul

Mongul has some pretty intense power and a couple of good punches should be able to take down Battra. Battra’s got his lasers at the ready. One good shot can even destroy buildings! Mongul’s too quick for the blasts to hit him and he’s got a nice counter with his energy blasts. Mongul wins.

Doomsday vs Mongul

Doomsday is back and this time he’s up against Mongul! Mongul is strong, but he lacks some of the abilities that Doomsday has gotten. Once Doomsday got blue energy abilities that truly made him a threat. Now he’s leagues ahead of Mongul. Mongul just can’t catch him! Doomsday wins.

Thor vs Mongul

Mongul is a pretty powerful opponent! In terms of physical power he may even have the edge, but he lacks projectiles. He has a chest cannon type attack, but Thor can dodge thanks to his speed and keep zapping Mongul with energy attacks. Mongul couldn’t quite win this round, but he’ll have other chances. Thor wins.

Steel Massimo vs Mongul

Steel Massimo has his axe and his beams. His most formidable power of course is his beam. With it not even Mongul’s safe! Mongul may be powerful, but in the end his brute strength won’t be the clincher. It’s his telekinesis that helps him win the day. He can send Massimo’s beam right back at him. Mongul wins.

Mongul vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 has athletic abilities that make him a real threat. He has been on a very long roll and defeated countless opponents. Of course it all had to end sooner or later. Spiderman 2099 is tough, but he’s not as strong as Mongul. Mongul is a being of such power Superman had to take him down. Mongul wins.

Superman vs Mongul

Superman has super speed and super strength. He’s one of the most popular heroes of all time. He’s beaten countless opponents and also lost to countless opponents. Of course Mongul also has super strength and super speed. With these abilities he’s been able to fight Superman through the years.

The thing is, Mongul’s never been in Superman’s league. Superman was always far too powerful for him. Mongul gets another loss and sinks to 0-2. Is this really the extent of his abilities? No, He will be back…I’m sure of it. Of course Superman will also be back for more wins. Superman wins.