Skeletor vs Mongul

Suggested by Sonic Skeletor got a massive power boost in the recent (Well it feels recent but I guess it’s fairly old at this point) crossover with the Justice League. He has always been a solid threat when fighting He Man as well though, but I would still give Mongul the edge. While Skeletor has the edge in energy manipulation, Mongul’s physical power and durability can’t be beat. Skeletor will have a hard time dealing any real damage to him. Mongul wins.

Libra Scales vs Skeletor

Suggested by Sonic Libra Scales always has to make choices with himself as he keeps everything balanced but he’s not the most impressive fighter. You could make the case that he’s one of the weakest Starforce fighters. Meanwhile Skeletor has only gotten stronger over the years as he’s taken down guys like Superman and He Man. There’s really not a whole lot more you can ask for from the main villain. He beats out Libra with his many attack options and high durability. Skeletor wins.

Anguirus vs Skeletor

Anguirus is back, but I’m afraid that he is back for a loss this time. Skeletor is simply too powerful for any Kaiju thanks to his large array of attack options. Skeletor can use one of his classic energy blasts or he can win in a fist fight. Either way, the ball is in his court and Anguirus doesn’t really stand a chance at winning this round. Skeletor wins.

Skeletor vs He Man

He Man is back and he proves why brute strength will almost always win battles. Skeletor can try to delay the inevitable by trapping He Man in magic cages or shooting energy blasts at him, but the hero will eventually power through all of that and take Skeletor down for the count. He Man’s might is basically matchless so he has nothing to fear here. He Man wins.

Cobra Commander vs Skeletor

Cobra Commander takes a loss in this round pretty quickly. Skeletor is an advanced magic user and with one big blast of energy can one shot Cobra Commander. Cobra Commander may have a barrier, but I’d like to see it stand up against one of Skeletor’s fully powered blasts. Not to mention Skeletor’s hand to hand skills. Skeletor wins.

Of course now Cobra Commander can block most blasts and I’d say he has the speed advantage. Cobra Commander wins.

Spiderman 2099 vs Skeletor

Spidey 2099 is experienced in hand to hand combat. With his nifty moves he takes his opponents down. While Skeletor’s magic powers are to be feared he doesn’t take down Spiderman. Spidey 2099 wins this match thanks to his abilities. Skeletor drops down the blog rankings, but maybe someday he’ll be back. As for Spidey….we know he’ll be back with plenty of matches. Spiderman 2099 wins.