Cobra Commander vs Mario

Suggested by Destroyer Don’t underestimate Cobra Commander. Without him the Cobra organization would not be nearly as powerful as it is today. That being said, I would still give Mario the decisive edge in combat here. After all, lets just look at the stats. Mario has dozens and dozens of power ups and super forms from over the years. At this point it’s hard to see Cobra Commander being able to do much of anything against him. Mario can easily dodge Cobra’s attacks with his athletics and has enough power to put him down once he makes contact. Mario wins.

Cobra Commander vs Bowser

Suggested by Destroyer

Cobra Commander is a very capable leader and he has a lot of solid tech at his disposal. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Bowser. Bowser has gotten many different powerups over the years and scales quite far above Cobra. Cobra would have to hope that he can take Bowser out before the guy counter attacks but that isn’t happening. Bowser has the edge here. Bowser wins.

Spongebob vs Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander is the leader of a mighty organization and he has a lot of tech at his disposal. A simple energy gun would allow him to take Spongebob down for the count. Spongebob couldn’t really endure that level of attack and he would just have to take a graceful loss. Spongebob continues to lose match after match! Cobra Commander wins.

Brontosaurus vs Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander is a pretty smart mastermind for the enemies of the GI Joes. Brontosaurus is a powerful dinosaur, but I can’t say that he’s immensely smart. Cobra Commander has his mech suit at the ready and he also has a pretty neat energy gun. One good shot will take out the Brontosaurus in an instant. Cobra Commander wins.

Cobra Commander vs Chunk

Cobra Commander has his gun at the ready so this could be close. The Chunk is pretty powerful, but it would be tough for him to get past Cobra Commander’s energy barrier. Cobra Commander’s also got some pretty powerful offensive weapons at his disposal. The Chunk has lost this round, but this is just the beginning. Cobra Commander wins.

Cobra Commander vs Megatron

Cobra Commander is back, but he doesn’t seem to have a shot in this round. Megatron is a lot stronger and more skilled than Cobra Commander. Not to mention that he’s also more durable and his arsenal is a lot bigger. Cobra Commander may have lost this round, but he tried and all. Megatron wins.

Cobra Commander vs Skeletor

Cobra Commander takes a loss in this round pretty quickly. Skeletor is an advanced magic user and with one big blast of energy can one shot Cobra Commander. Cobra Commander may have a barrier, but I’d like to see it stand up against one of Skeletor’s fully powered blasts. Not to mention Skeletor’s hand to hand skills. Skeletor wins.

Of course now Cobra Commander can block most blasts and I’d say he has the speed advantage. Cobra Commander wins.

Cobra Commander vs Snake

This is a pretty tough fight. Cobra Commander has his barrier and a good robot as well. Not to mention that he’s a great hand to hand fighter, but Snake has a lot of weapons that are pretty tough and even a sword! Cobra Commander takes a loss and drops down the ranks, but one good power up could save him. Snake wins.

Which he got, in the form of super speed. Cobra Commander wins.