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Megatron vs Aizen

Suggested by Destroyer Megatron is a powerful Decepticon and is one of the strongest characters in the Transformers universe. He has a strong energy cannon and is an expert in hand to hand combat as well. Still, I don’t think he is quite ready to take on someone as quick and tricky as Aizen. I’m Aizen’s final form his raw power is also increased tremendously. Aizen wins.

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Yami Yugi vs Megatron

Suggested by Anonymous Yami Yugi is a skilled duelist. Despite being the most skilled out of all duelists aside from Jaden, his deck isn’t the best. I suppose that just makes his dueling even more impressive. Megatron’s Arm Cannon will be enough to clean out most of Yami’s monsters, but once the Egyptian God Cards show up it’ll be all over. Even at his best Megatron just isn’t fast enough to handle all of them at the same time. Yami Yugi wins.

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Megatron vs Spectre


Suggested by DarkLK Megatron is certainly a powerful Decepticon, but I’m skeptical as to whether or not he can handle the Spectre. Spectre may be a cosmic being but he has some physical abilities as well. He was able to take a blow from Superman after all which is no small feat. He is also fast enough to dodge Megatron’s attacks with ease. His blows will eventually fell the mechanical menace in due time. Spectre wins.

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Megatron vs Alucard (Hellsing)

Suggested by Random Megatron is a powerful Decepticon who has really made a name for himself over the years. That being said, his great offensive power will do him little good against a foe as quick as Alucard. He will weave his way through the blasts and deal some major damage. I don’t like having to bring up the speed angle so often but it just shows how massive of a factor it is in these fights. What can you do if you can’t hit the opponent? Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

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Akame vs Megatron

It’s interesting how Akame entered the blog after Esdeath. I suppose that this kind of thing has to happen once in a while. Either way, Megatron is in for another world of hurt as Akame’s skills far surpass those of Esdeath. Akame’s speed is legendary and her attack power is lethal. A single slice would cleanly cut Megatron in two and he will have lost before the match could truly begin. Akame is one of the stronger main heroines out there and this may just be the beginning of her blog run. Akame wins.

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Esdeath vs Megatron

Megatron is a powerful Decepticon and he has more firepower than most of the other Transformers. His durability isn’t bad either, but his lack of speed is where Esdeath will destroy him. She was able to keep up with a berserk Akame and Esdeath’s ice abilities will prevent Megatron from staying far away. Megatron’s lasers would likely break through her ice shields, but Esdeath won’t need to rely on them thanks to her great speed feats. This is one of those times where speed trumps power. Esdeath wins.

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Megatron vs James Bond

James Bond may try to act smart at some points, but he’s no good in a fight. James Bond will run out of bullets before he’s able to scratch Megatron’s armor. One blast from Megatron’s cannon and the battle will definitely be over for James Bond. James Bond drops down the ranks with this solid loss, but at least he’s getting closer to 100 battles! Megatron wins.

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Megatron vs Teridax

Megatron has his arm cannon which can deal some intense damage in one shot. Teridax has many abilities of his own including teleportation, lasers, size manipulation, slow down, and many others. It would definitely be a good fight, but I think that Megatron may have this with his immensely powerful energon sword. Megatron wins.

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Cobra Commander vs Megatron

Cobra Commander is back, but he doesn’t seem to have a shot in this round. Megatron is a lot stronger and more skilled than Cobra Commander. Not to mention that he’s also more durable and his arsenal is a lot bigger. Cobra Commander may have lost this round, but he tried and all. Megatron wins.