Akame vs Megatron

It’s interesting how Akame entered the blog after Esdeath. I suppose that this kind of thing has to happen once in a while. Either way, Megatron is in for another world of hurt as Akame’s skills far surpass those of Esdeath. Akame’s speed is legendary and her attack power is lethal. A single slice would cleanly cut Megatron in two and he will have lost before the match could truly begin. Akame is one of the stronger main heroines out there and this may just be the beginning of her blog run. Akame wins.

24 thoughts on “Akame vs Megatron

  1. Wrong. Akame’s sword would shatter against Megatron who has demonstrated LARGE planet durability in the comics like Vegeta. If you say that Akame can cut Megatron, you’re basically saying that she can cut Saiyan saga Vegeta.

    • I do like the boldness in this reply. Well, Megatron is tough, but we have seen him get cut by just about everything through the years. He is durable though and this is composite so he’s had some great armors in the past, that being said…I think you’re underestimating Akame. I wouldn’t say that it’s out of the question for her to be able to cut Vegeta. She couldn’t keep up with him of course, but cutting him is certainly possible.

      • Yeah but Megatron also had a nuke go off inside his circuitry system in one of the comics and took NO damage. Akame can swing her sword but it will shatter on the first blow. Then Megatron jumps up and nukes the area with a fusion cannon blast.

      • That is pretty impressive, but Akame’s sword really focuses her powers into powerful swings that can weaken even the deadliest of foes. I just don’t see her going down very easily! Megatron’s lasers wouldn’t be fast enough to hit her.

      • Meh I could focus all my power into a swing and try to cut a tank, only to get broken arms. Same goes for Akame. Also his “lasers” have an immense explosion effect that would engulf her given the size of the explosion. As for cutting him, it took a class 100 + being like Optimus Prime to cut him and Akame can’t even lift a car.

      • That’s true, but we’re mere mortals. Megatron’s armor is strong, but I’ve never been too impressed with it after watching the various Transformer shows and reading some of the comics. Megatron can fly and he’s decently powerful with his large scale energy attacks, but he’ll have a tough time landing a good hit on Akame while she will be slicing and dicing throughout the whole match. Her speed feats against Esdeath were most impressive and I still have no doubt that her sword would be able to pierce Megatron. He’s durable, but still very pierce able.

      • Akame is only barely superhuman and that doesn’t cut it against Megatron. Prime was capable of shattering an 18 000 tonne statue with a punch and Megatron engages him in fistfights regularly. Akame swinging a sword does not have the same strength as Optimus swinging a saber so there.

      • Wait a sec, barely superhuman? Are you talking just strength or overall? Because overall, she’s much greater than superhuman. Just going by her speed, she’d certainly have a high degree of ability. Megatron and Prime do have a lot of strength, although it wildly varies. At their strongest, they are certainly powerful, but I still don’t see Megatron catching Akame and her sword swings will definitely take a toil on him. I can grant you that Optimus swinging a saber is physically much, much stronger than Akame’s swings.

  2. It’s I again, most swords in anime are weak as hell. I can understand if the person is mega strong like Guts is an exception but other normal human character that have non-enchanted swords or weapons like crossbows just go through like a hot knife through butter.

    • I’m not sure on that one. Granted, I mostly stick to Shounen, but the swords are incredibly impressive most of the time and really end up dealing a lot of damage. Look at Kirito, Ichigo, or Yoh.

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