Dio Brando vs Spectre

Suggested by iKnowledge This one’s a pretty close fight. The Spectre was able to take a hit from Superman and remain relatively unharmed. It may be safe to say that his durability is even greater than that of Dio’s. Still, it will be quite difficult for him to react to Dio’s attacks. Ice and Time make for a rather solid combo and with his Stand activated Dio’s raw power is quite high as well. I think he has enough power and skill to claim the win in this fight. Dio Brando wins.

Zoom (Zolomon) vs Spectre

Suggested by Anonymous The Spectre is certainly a powerful foe. He has withstood punches from Superman and has some pretty good energy blasts as well. Still, I don’t think he will be able to handle someone like Zoom. Zoom will be…zooming around Spectre throughout the fight and landing hundreds of blows a second. That much damage will quickly stun and knock out the cosmic being. Spectre can take a hit, but his defense will eventually falter and that will be the end of the match. Zoom (Zolomon) wins.

Dante vs Spectre

Suggested by DarkLK This match is a little trickier than Spectre’s last fight. Dante has incredible speed and that will help him dodge Spectre’s attacks. His own abilities are potent enough to deal Spectre damage as well. Spectre would need a lot of hits on his side to overcome Dante’s healing abilities. I don’t think he would be able to get enough blows in before Dante finishes the job. Dante wins.

Megatron vs Spectre


Suggested by DarkLK Megatron is certainly a powerful Decepticon, but I’m skeptical as to whether or not he can handle the Spectre. Spectre may be a cosmic being but he has some physical abilities as well. He was able to take a blow from Superman after all which is no small feat. He is also fast enough to dodge Megatron’s attacks with ease. His blows will eventually fell the mechanical menace in due time. Spectre wins.

Elder God Demonbane vs Spectre

Suggested by DarkLK Spectre is one of the strongest cosmic beings out there. I am convinced of that. Still, is it really enough to take down the Elder God Demonbane? The robot has good attack power and defense after all. This is definitely one of those matches that could easily be flipped but at the moment I’m on Spectre’s side. I think he has enough strength to deal massive damage to Demonbane and his intangibility will buy him some time to land the hits. Spectre wins.

Spectre vs Godzilla

Suggested by DarkLK I like Godzilla as much as the next guy. He is incredibly powerful and a single blast of his atomic breath melts most of his opponents down to size. That being said, he is dealing with a cosmic being who can actually fight. Specter has stood up to blows from Superman in the past and he has some energy blasts to boot. His flight and speed will also come in handy here. I don’t see how Godzilla will be able to overcome these abilities. Spectre wins.

Superman vs Spectre

I still say that Superman is the strongest comic book character of all time and I don’t even consider it to be all that close. That’s why it’s always impressive when someone endures a punch from Superman. The Spectre battle was a blast back in the classic comics and one of the cooler moments. Reading that comic was a lot of fun. That being said, I certainly think Superman would completely wreck him in a fight. It’s hard to mess with Superman’s speed and flurry of blows. I included both scans so you could notice that Superman’s definitely faster than the Flash. He was going so fast that the Spectre had to step in. Well, I’m sure that the Spectre will return to grab some more wins. Superman wins.

Ghost Rider vs Spectre

Suggested by Destroz The Spectre is a fairly powerful cosmic being and one who has actually been shown to fight on occasion. This is mainly due to the fact that he tends to have a human host and he even became a Black Lantern temporarily. In the Silver Age he even went toe to toe with Superman and the Man of Steel was very strong back then. Ghost Rider has super good feats of his own and is one of the stronger Marvel characters, but I don’t think he could take a punch from Silver Age Superman. Ultimately, that’s really the deciding factor here. Spectre wins.