Superman vs Spectre

I still say that Superman is the strongest comic book character of all time and I don’t even consider it to be all that close. That’s why it’s always impressive when someone endures a punch from Superman. The Spectre battle was a blast back in the classic comics and one of the cooler moments. Reading that comic was a lot of fun. That being said, I certainly think Superman would completely wreck him in a fight. It’s hard to mess with Superman’s speed and flurry of blows. I included both scans so you could notice that Superman’s definitely faster than the Flash. He was going so fast that the Spectre had to step in. Well, I’m sure that the Spectre will return to grab some more wins. Superman wins.

14 thoughts on “Superman vs Spectre

  1. Respectively, the outcome would be different.

    While agree superman is powerful, it is completely biased to refer to him as the strongest comic book hero of all time. The scan posted proves this to be true. Based on the art-style, this is Pre-Crisis Superman facing against the Spectre.
    In case you didn’t know, Pre-Crisis is a term used to refer to characters before the massive comic event of 1985. Prior to the execution of this event, Superman was undoubtedly at his most powerful. During this stage, he could traverse through the center of a big bang, fly through the multiverse in seconds, and withstand the force of 100 galaxies (albeit somewhat surprised and staggered). However, in spite of his power, he was not powerful enough to defeat Spectre.
    See below:

    As you can see, even at his most powerful, Superman was a literal bug compared to the Spectre. If they were to be placed in a serious fight, Superman would be in for a world of hurt.

    So, in all fairness, I think the battle would go a different direction 🙂

    • That comic was pretty cool which is why I used a scan from it for the fight. There was some plot hax there though as Superman should have claimed the win with ease. I don’t believe Spectre could stay standing after taking a punch like that. It would simply be way too much for him. This comic did help Spectre rise up the cosmic tiers, but Superman is still the strongest comic book character of all time. Didn’t you see how he was threatening the Spectre left and right during the whole conversation? Superman definitely doesn’t fear Spectre in the slightest and didn’t even take an injury from being knocked back. The Spectre is the one who was outranked in this fight.

      • Well, being fearless is not the equivalent of being more powerful. Superman was probably acting in such a manner because he could not comprehend the sheer power the Spectre possesses.

        However, I do not see how this battle can be considered an instance of “plot hax”.
        Explain :/

      • True, but it is a good indicator. Superman can comprehend anything, I’d say that his reaction just proves that he would have had the edge in the fight. The Spectre is strong, but not strong enough.

        Well the plot hax here is from the Spectre being overhyped with Superman being underpowered to try and show the difference in their abilities. It tends to happen a lot when a new character is introduced. Look at Hit vs Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super or Gold Frieza. It’s a tough balance and one that most shows and comics just don’t get right. In this case, they wanted to give the Spectre a lot of hype, but it came at the expense of logic and sound reasoning. Lets face it, Superman is nigh invincible. Spectre should have gone down after the first punch

      • I’m sorry, but Superman’s intellect still has much to improve on. He may have some skills in mathematics and science, but there are many things even he cannot understand.

        I don’t know what to tell you.
        Events like these can only be classified as ouliers if events preceding that one revealed the preferred power gap between the two.
        Unless you have scans that belittle Spectre’s strength, such as (hypothetically) him being bested by Condiment King prior to his battle with Superman and the Silver Age Crisis, there really isn’t proof of any plot devices used out of convenience for the story.

        Are you trying to imply that story book writers should not be allowed to create characters that far surpass the heroes and villains of the franchise?

      • I dunno, he’s a complete genius! Anything he doesn’t know, Superman can learn in an instant with his photographic memory and determination.

        Yes. Now, this is controversial, but for the most part I’m not a fan of authors creating these new characters who are so strong that nobody can stop them. They feel like poorly constructed characters. I’m gonna use TOAA as an example. What’s the point of the guy if he is literally 100% invincible? That’s just a bad character. Someone like Goku is awesome because he has limitations. He goes past them every time so he’s effectively invincible, but at least it’s not in his character description. You can make super strong characters, but it has to be handled with subtlety and the character has to be cool.

        The Spectre is pretty cool and he’s definitely one of the strongest cosmic beings in all of comics. I’d actually put him over the Living Tribunal. A punch wouldn’t have hurt, but simply enduring one of Superman’s hits was actually pretty cool. I still wouldn’t say that he could beat Superman tho

      • Yes. BUT, it’s a matter of whether or not it is on his comprehension level. There are many secrets in his universe and the Multiverse that have left him dumbfounded. Having Earthly intelligence alone does not make you the smartest man in the Multiverse.

        I’m not going to argue with the you there.
        A character with too much power can be boring.
        Which is one of the reasons why Spectre was created in the first place.
        During the Silver Age, Superman was powerful. TOO powerful. There was nothing he couldn’t do. There wasn’t a problem he couldn’t solve or a foe he couldn’t defeat. He was the literal personification of perfection.
        The thing is, perfection is boring.
        They never face big challenges, they never lose their composure, and they never fail. After a while, those comics become more lackluster.
        However, when they brought the Spectre in, things got interesting. There was a character Superman COULDN’T beat. The comics introduced a character that could finally level the playing field for our favorite hero. Someone who could give him a run for his money.
        Then even more challenges showed up.
        Darkseid’s True Form
        Mister Mxyzptlk
        The Monitors
        The Anti-Monitor
        The Archangels of Heaven
        The Presence
        The Over Monitor
        All of them helped to balance Superman, as well as other characters that had too much power during their prime.

        Don’t you see. If all those characters weren’t stronger than Superman, then he would be the same as the boring 100% invincible character you described. If Spectre was weaker, Superman would still be under the classification of an insanely boring character too. Without a superior and his level of popularity, things wouldn’t be as exciting or intense.
        Later, they realized the other more down-to-Earth characters also needed to be balanced with Superman. So, they made Wonder Woman his equal in strength, Flash his speed superior, and Batman his intellectual superior. All this was meant to make sure they did not make the mistake of turning an iconic character into a boring one.
        Even the Presence fought with a being who equaled him in power.
        In order to balance it out even further, they make the appearances of these cosmic beings rare in order to ensure that THEY don’t overwhelm the competition the same way Superman did. They can then have them enter the frey in the midst of momentous events like the Crises that occurred.
        After all, comic book readers are more focused on the main cast and their struggles in the Multiverse.

        The same goes for other fictional universes.
        The writers create uber-powered characters in order to give the already overpowered characters limitations to preserve the challenge factor that comes with an interesting story.
        Like you said, Goku still has limits and it is the overwhelming forces that help him surpass those limits.

        Though, I don’t think you are in any position to call anyone out on that. You made the very same mistake here with Bass and the other characters on the H.A. list.
        You selected a few of your favorite characters and reserved them on a list that prevents them from EVER BEING DEFEATED!
        By the same token, you used the same fundamentals of appointing a character with 100% invincibility on this blog but made it so they ALWAYS fight and win even when it seems irrational.

      • I beg to differ. Earth has always been the most important planet and the best one in the cosmos. Sure, not all of the strongest fighters are from Earth, but most of them are. There aren’t really any concepts that can confuse Superman. He’s simply too impressive.

        You’re underrating Superman though. He thoroughly outclasses the guys you listed above and that goes for Spectre as well. Wonder Woman’s never been Superman’s equal in strength and Flash certainly isn’t faster.

        Superman is the strongest comic book character out there, but he allows his opponents to actually put up a fight which is what makes him likable. Superman would have done well at the theater because his acting skills are top notch. He only humiliates his opponents when he feels like it and he usually allows them to appear as if they’re making it a close fight. It’s rare that you see a hero act so selfless and epic.

        Eh, I like my list though. At least I make it clear in the rules that the high aboves are not allowed to lose a fight. Honestly, I could remove Bass from the list and nothing would change since he is legitimately the strongest character in history. His abilities just exceed everyone else’s and it isn’t even close. Seriously, he could wave his hand and stop whole fanbases in an instant. He could crush planets with one good punch. Bass inspires us all to try our best and to keep on surviving and thriving in a tough world.

      • That doesn’t mean it is the most advanced.
        The Earth still takes place in the same age as our’s. They just have supernatural beings, which doesn’t always equate into intellect unless one’s powers enhance said attributes.
        Superman’s intellect mainly centers on the teachings of Earth, which pale in comparison to the advanced races light-years away from his planet.
        Characters like the Monitors, Thanos, the Doctor, and the angels of Heaven are far above Superman in intelligence.
        What exactly has Superman done in the intellectual field to deserve such boasts of genius? I know he is smarter than the average human, but I want to know of the achievements that make him the smartest.

        You do realize those characters still have the capacity to enhance their abilities right? Both Flash and Wonder Woman have become far stronger as time evolved. As of now, Flash is at the point where he is on a path to becoming the strongest member out of all of them. They’ve improved far more since their previous encounters.
        Also, are you still unaware of the fact that other medium adaptations of the comics tend to alter the attributes of characters from the original source material for the purpose of developing the plot?

        It still follows the same principle.
        You take characters, give them 100% invincibility, and send them out in fights that are one-sided because you WANT them to win. The point is made, but your list is less rational.
        These are characters that have exhibited multiple points of weakness, yet you give them this undeserved luxury that is completely unfair.
        The same goes for Bass.
        Regardless of how you view his power, he has not done anything to deserve such a title. You just give power handouts to characters that work in tandem with your deluded sense of strength.
        To put it simply, Bass and the other characters on the H.A. only have power over you’re head canon, which is the same as a non-canonical fan-fiction that has no real prevalence in the real fictional realms of said characters.

        Fun Fact: Beyond your head canon, Bass would get eaten alive.

      • Yeah, but Earth also has a lot of super geniuses like Bulma Briefs and Superman. With the two of them, I feel like we’ve got the edge over any other planet. I don’t know how you can say that Thanos is smarter than Superman either. Superman is….Superman! He’s read through whole books in seconds and figured out Batman’s secret identity in a day. (Or a week, I forgot which)

        I’m aware that the movie was the most accurate thing that I have ever seen. Trust me, Flash can’t handle Superman.

        I don’t believe the fun fact

      • I’ll ask again: What have either of them achieved that makes them smarter than the other extraterrestrial geniuses I listed?
        Besides, much of his cognitive thinking is due to his Kryptonioan heritage. Though he is not as well attuned with the scientific knowledge of his home planet due to leaving it as a child, his mental processing is due to his physiological genes from the cosmos. Still, his intellect can and has been surpassed.
        Once again, residents beyond Earth reign supreme.

        No they are not.
        In those adaptations, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet has been beaten by the Avengers within the span of a few episodes and replaced with a villain less powerful than him, while Superman has been injured on multiple occasions by EARTHLY military weapons.
        He was even beaten by the Joker…

        The Joker…

        THE JOKER!!!

        Form a person with experience, the comics are the best source of knowledge.
        Characters are at their MOST powerful there.

        It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with it.
        It’s true either way.

      • Well, Superman outsmarts crooks all the time. He’s shown his expertise in basically all mediums. We can’t doubt him now and Earth is always supreme.

        That was funny tbh. Also, Thanos was replaced by Ultron so it wasn’t really a downgrade. Superman loses to weak people in all mediums. I could grab a bunch of random comic examples as well and it wouldn’t really prove anything. Trust me, they’re at their strongest in animation.

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