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Discord vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer It is time for a battle between meta physical fighters. Discord is said to have near unlimited power like TOAA. That being said, he has been defeated in the past while the One Above All has never lost a fight in the comics. Still, Discord is more of a fighter and his abilities actually have a combat element to them. He may be from the My Little Pony series, but don’t let your guard down because of that. Discord wins.


4 thoughts on “Discord vs One Above All”

  1. that’s a really stupid comparison
    discord is not an omnipotent, at his best he´s a planetary reality warper and that´s all (and im benevolent)
    Even Babidi can defeat him

    1. Babidi probably could beat Discord. One Above All just hasn’t really demonstrated any real combat feats yet. That’s what really holds him back here

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