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Elder God Demonbane vs Lord of Nightmares

Suggested by DarkLK It’s time for a pretty tricky fight since both of these characters are mostly driven by hype. It’s always a little tricky to think about who would win in a fight like that. The Lord of Nightmares certainly seems like a big threat but Demonbane shouldn’t be underestimated either. In this case, I think his large array of firepower will be enough to overwhelm Nightmare’s defenses and carry him to victory. Elder God Demonbane wins.

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Elder God Demonbane vs Beyonder


Suggested by DarkLK Beyonder is a pretty tough fighter. He is another character where it is difficult to separate the hype from his actual abilities. Still, he has proven himself a little more consistently than Demonbane and his energy projection/flight should give him the edge. I think Demonbane will have trouble keeping up with this guy and it shows that sometimes cosmic beings really can score a win. Beyonder wins.

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Elder God Demonbane vs Dante

Suggested by DarkLK Demonbane sounds really impressive with his large array of abilities but I want to see more of them. Is he really as tough as the legends would suggest? I don’t doubt that he is strong, but I do think he might be outmatched against Dante. Dante is incredibly fast after all and his attacks aren’t lacking in damage. I think Demonbane will find that he has bitten off more than he can chew. Dante wins.

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Elder God Demonbane vs Spectre

Suggested by DarkLK Spectre is one of the strongest cosmic beings out there. I am convinced of that. Still, is it really enough to take down the Elder God Demonbane? The robot has good attack power and defense after all. This is definitely one of those matches that could easily be flipped but at the moment I’m on Spectre’s side. I think he has enough strength to deal massive damage to Demonbane and his intangibility will buy him some time to land the hits. Spectre wins.

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Elder God Demonbane vs Man of Miracles

Suggested by DarkLK Elder God Demonbane is supposedly one of the strongest robots of all time. It may not even be accurate to refer to him purely as a robot if we’re being honest. That being said, he is up against the Man of Miracles who is supposed to be as far above other characters as Bass is above him. Both of these characters have a lot of hype, but Demonbane has shown that he can actually fight before. That means he has lived up to the hype at least a little. Elder God Demonbane wins.

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Elder God Demonbane vs Bass

The Elder God Demonbane is back and let’s talk about how insanely powerful he is. Just by moving, this guy can basically obliterate universes or multiverses. He can summon infinite versions of himself from infinite dimensions including ones that don’t even exist yet. His power level is infinite, he is infinite, and he’s omnipotent. His abilities could basically fill up endless amounts of books and I could go on and on about how he’s supposed to be invincible in every meaning of the word. He can beat literally anyone in theory. That being said, Bass’ Get Ability defies theories and he could quickly become stronger than the Elder God Demonbane. That only makes sense if you’ve read the Megaman manga of course, but Bass adapts and always grows to be stronger than his opponent. It’s simply how it all works! Bass wins.

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Living Tribunal vs Elder God Demonbane

Finding out anything about Elder God Demonbane is extremely hard for some reason despite the series apparently having a big fanbase so bare with me if the title of the match sounds odd. It might be like me writing Super Saiyan 3 Goku in the title instead of just Goku. Although, Elder God form is his most popular mode either way. He’s known to be insanely powerful to the point where he makes SSJG Goku, Living Tribunal, and the ultimate Gurren Laganns look like chumps. I’ll talk more about his abilities in his next match, but it’s safe to say that this is an incredible stomp. Just moving should be enough for Demonbane to win this round. Elder God Demonbane wins.