Yami Yugi vs Beyonder

Suggested by Anonymous Beyonder is a pretty strong cosmic fighter from Marvel but he is so far out of his league against Yami Yugi that it is actually tragic. Yami has many monsters that he could throw out to win the fight or he can use spells and traps to buy time. I like Beyonder as much as the next guy, but he won’t be able to win this fight. There are simply too many monsters. Yami Yugi wins.

Elder God Demonbane vs Beyonder


Suggested by DarkLK Beyonder is a pretty tough fighter. He is another character where it is difficult to separate the hype from his actual abilities. Still, he has proven himself a little more consistently than Demonbane and his energy projection/flight should give him the edge. I think Demonbane will have trouble keeping up with this guy and it shows that sometimes cosmic beings really can score a win. Beyonder wins.

Mikaboshi vs Beyonder

Mikaboshi, also known as the Chaos King is a very powerful opponent. He has taken on power hitters like Thor and Hercules with ease. His power knows no limits, but the Beyonder is no stranger to great power either. Both of these beings have incredible long range abilities and can fight from up close as well. What ultimately gives the Beyonder the edge here is his speed and flight. Mikaboshi has these abilities as well, but I do not believe that they make him a match for the Beyonder. Beyonder wins.

Beyonder vs Thor

Thor isn’t done yet as he now gets to go up against the Beyonder! The Beyonder once tanked a blast that could have ended billions of dimensions so his durability is no joke, but Thor has survived hits from Superman. I dare say that Thor has the edge in overall durability and certainly in raw power. The Beyonder has fought more than most cosmic beings so he’s certainly not all talk, but I’d give Thor the edge here. He’ll be able to pull out a win with his punishing blows. Thor wins.

Goku vs Beyonder

The Beyonder is one of Marvel’s stronger beings and especially before the retcon. His powers were just about unstoppable for the heroes. That being said, he never faced someone quite like Goku. Goku’s speed will suffice for him to evade the Beyonder’s attacks and a good Kamehameha would get through his defenses. The Beyonder does well when he’s in control of the battle, but the tide will quickly shift once Goku starts to get serious. The Beyonder just won’t be able to dodge Goku’s unrelenting attacks. Goku wins.

Bass vs Beyonder


Beyonder is a being of power and stuff, but in the end he couldn’t do anything to Bass. Bass is far too powerful and could destroy him in an instant. Bass is just the strongest being in all of media. He cannot be defeated by anyone. It’s just the way it goes in the end. Beyonder takes a loss. Bass wins.