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Beyonder vs Thor

Thor isn’t done yet as he now gets to go up against the Beyonder! The Beyonder once tanked a blast that could have ended billions of dimensions so his durability is no joke, but Thor has survived hits from Superman. I dare say that Thor has the edge in overall durability and certainly in raw power. The Beyonder has fought more than most cosmic beings so he’s certainly not all talk, but I’d give Thor the edge here. He’ll be able to pull out a win with his punishing blows. Thor wins.

40 thoughts on “Beyonder vs Thor”

  1. Should be an amazing battle. I agree with the results, particularly if the battle takes place where living beings are not place in jeopardy. Thor will be able to let loose! How about Thor vs the Kraken?

  2. This is stupid. I like Superman, but how is his atttacks stronger than high-tier Dimension busting attacks? And higher raw power? The Beyonder’s OMNIPOTENT. As in, all powerful. The only beings who actually had a chance against him were the Celestials, and PR Molecule Man. But even then, they all lost.

    Face it, Beyonder cosmicstomps*

    (*Unless this is POST Retcon Beyonder. That’s a better fight).

    1. Keep in mind that Thor has obtained the Runeforce and Odinpower. He can handle meta threats like the Beyonder no problem. Beyonder actually does have a lot of impressive feats though and he would make this a very close fight. That being said, I feel like Thor would win as he is more durable. Both of them are fairly evenly matched though.

      1. Sure, Rune Magic and Odin-force are impressive, but it doesn’t make him Omnipotent.

        Plus, Beyonder casually stomped beings like the Phoenix Force, Galactus, and LT and the Celestials. He altered the entire Multiverse with a thought. And more durable? Yeah, because Multi Dimension busting+ is not as powerful as punches. Plus, Thor can’t stop the Beyonder from literally thinking him out of existence.

        Plus, what indication was there that we were using Rune King Thor? As far as I know, you started off with Normal/Classic Thor.

        Anyways, Beyonder Cosmicstomps. Unless it’s 1st post-retcon Beyonder.

  3. Not only do you not know that PR beyonder was stronger than EVERYONE in the multiverse times 1000 but that crossovers are non canon.

    He was destroying the multiverse just by thinking killed someone who is stronger than RKT thor.

    1. Well, the Beyonder is strong I’ll give you that. Of course, the thinking wins are exactly the kind of thing that I try to avoid through the blog rules. PR Beyonder was insanely strong though. Marvel really tried to make him the best.

      1. Thor could totally beat abstracts. The point of abstracts is that they are basically intangibles so they couldn’t do much to Thor.

      2. Abstracts are not intangable.

        Where did you get that from?.

        Thor can’t beat LT. Or Death. How do you kill death?

        Also RKT thor is featless

      3. Abstracts are typically intangible like Eternity. They can have a physical form though, but I don’t think that is would change much. To destroy Death you have to use irony.

      4. For the death one it is because you still have to destroy her just like any other fighter. She can’t protect herself since she has no real defense feats. As for abstracts, just check out the Adam Warlock or Silver Surfer comics as Eternity is always in the background getting knocked out or captured.

      5. True and the Beyonder always looked pretty cool as he took on the Phoenix and shot some big energy blasts back in the day, but I feel like Thor would have the ever so slight edge against Beyonder. Put it this way, Beyonder’s best feats/fight was against the Phoenix. He showed a decent amount of speed and attack power. I’d argue that Thor’s fight against Graviton gives him a little more physical strength and certainly more defense feats. As for speed, Beyonder may have the slight edge, but not enough to win against Thor.

      6. That’s not even close to his best feat.

        It’s probably destroying the multiverse just by thinking.

        Normal thor is slow combat wise

      7. Eh, see destroying a universe like that is basically not even a feat in my book thanks to the no thinking things to death rule. Personally, the feats I mentioned are what I consider to be his best ones. Thor is decently fast in combat, enough to fight Superman anyway.

      8. If he can think a MULTIVERSE into dying just think what he can do in a fight via power scaling.

      9. Right, but you simply can’t power scale that kind of thing. Tell me, how would you translate that into physical power? It’s a mental feat, but those don’t work so well on the blog. It’s why telepathy is basically useless as well.

      10. Beyonder has beat the celestials and the celestials beat thor. Therefore beyonder wins

      11. Double post my bad………

        But beyonder beat galactus who is above composite thor

  4. Wait, is Composite Thor a combination of all of Thor’s powers?
    I need some scans or a list of feats and powers in order understand how powerful Composite Thor is.

    1. Basically. Imagine Odin powered Thor mixed with Rune King for example. He gets the best abilities from all of his forms into one. The most important one is definitely having his Avengers EMH portrayal mixed in though since he was able to land some hits on Graviton. (One of the strongest villains in Marvel history) What kind of scans would you like? I haven’t read too many comics with modern Thor, but I can still search around

      1. Nah, in the end he lost because the whole team did a big combo attack on him. Iron Man hit him with an amped up Uni Beam and then Thor eventually finished him off.

      2. Great! Let’s bring out a scan list of Thor’s greatest “HITS”.

        Here’s Thor getting punched by Thanos:

        Here’s Thor getting his throat stranggled by his daddy

        Here’s Thor getting turned into a statue:

        Here’s Thor playing his BIG part in Secret Wars:

        What’s funny about the last one is that the battle is so great, his hammer literally BOUNCES of the two beings of greater power.
        What’s even funnier is how one of those beings IS the Beyonder, and he eventually bested all of them in that battle with less power than he initially had.

        Also, there’s this:

      3. However, Graviton’s abilities aren’t really that great. Controlling gravity is great and all, but is defeating the Avengers really a feat worth praising when the Beyonder put the Marvel multiverse in the midst of a huge cataclysm?

        I mean, it took the combined efforts of even more avengers to fight ONE celestial and the only way to avert the crisis was to teleport it away with the combined forces of SEVEN sorcerers.

        Some of those guys couldn’t even stand after that.

        On the other hand, the Beyonder was able to dispatch a whole army of celestials without any issues.

      4. Absolutely. Beyonder is cool of course, but the fact that Graviton did it in Avengers EMH cannot be understated. He took on their extremely over the top attacks and kept on swinging. Nothing could put this guy down. It is impressive that the Beyonder took down all of the Celestials of course. The guy’s no pushover to say the least

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