Asura vs Living Tribunal

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 It’s time for Asura to return to the arena. He’s a pretty powerful fighter to the point where it was hard to believe the cutscenes at times. He smashes planets like it’s nothing and moves with incredible speed. This guy’s a true fighter and the Living Tribunal has absolutely no chance against him. The Tribunal can shoot lasers and he is quite large, but that’s not quite enough to win a fight like this. Asura is just in a completely different league. His physical stats are through the roof so none of the Tribunal’s attacks will ever hit him. This is why speed is so important in a fight. Asura wins.

Korvac vs Living Tribunal

Suggested by DarkLK Korvac has returned and he is now up against the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is a pretty decent cosmic being. He has fired a few energy blasts in the past and does come off as an imposing fighter. That being said, Korvac has taken on the Avengers in the past and has great physical abilities as well. I feel like his superior speed would be key here and he could fire a lot of blasts at LT. He also is quite durable so LT will have a very hard time taking him down. It could actually make for a pretty good fight, but I do think Korvac has the edge here. Korvac wins.

Ereshkigal vs Living Tribunal

I had never heard of Ereshkigal before a few days ago, but I instantly knew that this was a battle that I had to do. She possessed the Starbrand for a period of time, which is evidently enough to make you Living Tribunal level. He talks a good game, but size is actually a disadvantage here since it will be easy for Ereshkigal to dodge his blows while LT is just one big target for her. Cosmic abilities are all that you really need in order to fight LT and while I respect the Tribunal for actually fighting once in a while, he’s still out of his depth here. Ereshkigal wins.

Living Tribunal vs Elder God Demonbane

Finding out anything about Elder God Demonbane is extremely hard for some reason despite the series apparently having a big fanbase so bare with me if the title of the match sounds odd. It might be like me writing Super Saiyan 3 Goku in the title instead of just Goku. Although, Elder God form is his most popular mode either way. He’s known to be insanely powerful to the point where he makes SSJG Goku, Living Tribunal, and the ultimate Gurren Laganns look like chumps. I’ll talk more about his abilities in his next match, but it’s safe to say that this is an incredible stomp. Just moving should be enough for Demonbane to win this round. Elder God Demonbane wins.

Thor vs Living Tribunal

Thor is back and he’s up against one of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe! The Living Tribunal is known to be the 2nd or 3rd strongest being in Marvel and his powers are nearly limitless. He knows all and we may not be able to fully comprehend his abilities. That being said, Dr Strange has been able to give him a very good fight and I believe that Thor would be able to overpower the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is a cosmic being, but Thor has proven his abilities time and time again. The Odinforce and God Blast shall serve him well. Thor wins.

Living Tribunal vs Ant

An Ant is a tricky creature who can definitely put up a solid fight, but will he have what it takes to defeat the Living Tribunal? The Living Tribunal is a cosmic being and all that he has to do is step on the Ant to win this battle. The Ant may have a giant form thanks to THEM, but it just won’t be enough to stop this being. Living Tribunal wins.

Gemini Saga vs Living Tribunal

Gemini Saga is an extremely powerful being and can take down Living Tribunal with ease! The Tribunal definitely looks impressive, but I don’t think he can handle Gemini Saga’s raw power. Gemini Saga has taken down many opponents in the past and will continue to pwn in the future. That’s just how he rolls. Gemini Saga wins.

Living Tribunal vs Bass

The Living Tribunal is a being who knows what he wants. Of course when it comes down to a fight, he’s no match for Bass! Bass is the ultimate being and with a single shot he can cause massive devastation! That’s the kind of power that you seriously don’t want to mess with. Living Tribunal loses his debut match. Bass wins.