Living Tribunal vs Elder God Demonbane

Finding out anything about Elder God Demonbane is extremely hard for some reason despite the series apparently having a big fanbase so bare with me if the title of the match sounds odd. It might be like me writing Super Saiyan 3 Goku in the title instead of just Goku. Although, Elder God form is his most popular mode either way. He’s known to be insanely powerful to the point where he makes SSJG Goku, Living Tribunal, and the ultimate Gurren Laganns look like chumps. I’ll talk more about his abilities in his next match, but it’s safe to say that this is an incredible stomp. Just moving should be enough for Demonbane to win this round. Elder God Demonbane wins.


33 thoughts on “Living Tribunal vs Elder God Demonbane

      • What…..Bruh you must be seriously joking…..
        The Living Tribunal is a Omniversal range entity with a Megaverse level power.

        Elder God Demonbane is barely Multiverse level in any category.

      • Demonbane’s definitely more of a fighter though. LT does have a good energy blast which does help him out quite a bit, but I can’t see that being enough here. The Demonbane would be speedblitzing him during the fight.

      • Bruh i am 100% hoping you are joking right now…like bruh…
        EGD would be erased from existence by TLT if you know actual comics and official sources the living tribunal can wipe out entire universes if he wanted to hell if you actually up the guy created another outside his company verse he created the DC/Marvel multiverse to make a Megaverse.

        How can you speed blits a 3 headed entity who is omnipresent?….please do research before making battles because people can agree you are kinda biased toward anything not relating to comics.

      • I don’t joke about debates…well most of the time anyway. I’m serious about this particular one. Keep in mind that erasing people from existence is against the blog rules and not something that I buy into anyway. Omnipresence doesn’t prevent you from being speedblitz. Najimu tried that very unsuccessfully against Ihiko.

        I’m not biased, but comics are lower than anime in general. See, it goes like this: Anime>>Manga>>animated television>>Comics>>>Video Games>>Novels>>Live Action

      • @Elder God Demonbane

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder wins and beats Elder God Demonbane/Nyarthathotep along with the Demonbaneverse why? and how?

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder by Jim Shooter:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder by narration itself stated he was Omnipotent:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder by Handbook is Omnipotent:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder Power is equal to existence times a thousand and Millions time stronger than the multiverse:

        No if you can read it states MILLIONS not a Million meaning he is indefinitely infinitely greater than the entire Omniverse.

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder is Omniscient:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder exist Beyond all shape/form of time,space, and the myriad (infinite) universes aka the multiverse/existence:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder beyond realm cant BE comprehended by mortals:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder causes Multiverse-Wide Destruction by releasing a small amount of energy:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder “Omnipotence” can kill absolute immortal beings:

        Notice how MM stated “All the powers of the MULTIVERSE TOGETHER cant kill something to get it started again. meaning he made everything INCLUDING the flower ABSOLUTELY IMMORTAL notice how this includes LT the SECOND to GOD and the one being who can stomp the Demonbaneverse within a few moments!

        Here we can all see Beyonder KILLING a abstract being that can KILL anything/anyone a ABSTRACT of death itself WHICH cant be brought back UNLESS something is kill WHICH was impossible even for Molecule Man and The Living Tribunal THEMSELVES! only Beyonder can kill/bring back death and can kill a ABSOLUTE IMMORTAL.
        Pre-Retcon Beyonder is INFINITE DIMENSIONAL:

        Mean Mars and Legris dimensional levels doesnt meaning anything as Beyonder has NO SHAPE NOR PHYSICAL EXISTENCE he is PURE OMNIPOTENT ENERGY something THAT cant be DESTROYED/SHAPED by others he will and has always existed beyond all of existence.
        Pre-Retcon Beyonder is beyond laws/restrictions:

        Pre-Recton Beyonder can manipulate anything:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder busts a MULTIVERSE DURABILITY Bubble:

        Beyonder even stated “If i ant in NOTHING! can stop me–and you might as well know it now!”
        Pre-Retcon Beyonder can break apart machines:

        Most of the entities within the Demonbaneverse are Machines so i dont think you can place any type of fights with the beyonder!!
        Pre-Retcon Beyonder can transmute his own body to any energy and control said forces:

        Pre-Recton Beyonder just being confused causes destruction:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder even makes STAN LEE BOW:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder can cause INSTANTANEOUS DESTRUCTION:

        “Slashing through time and space.” and a parsec is equal to about 3.26 light-years (31 trillion kilometres or 19 trillion miles) in length.
        Pre-Retcon Beyonder MERE presence can affect the MULTIVERSE:

        Pre-Retcon Beyonder can/has used other entities powers against themselves:

        Nyarahthothep from Demonbane is AT best Multi-Universe but isnt coming up to a being that is bigger than a Omniverse. and if you take a visual novel that is all words with no feats then you will have to take the scans given here as proof as well including the Handbook.

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