Erishkegal vs Shiho

Suggested by Sonic Erishkegal once fought the Living Tribunal and was a cosmic force to be reckoned with. She has basic super strength, energy blasts and the like. Still, I wouldn’t say that she is going to be able to take down Shiho in a close quarters fight. Shiho may lag behind some of the other characters in Seraph of the End but he has worked on his speed and power. She will have a tough time getting past his twin coffins and doesn’t have the combat speed to stay ahead of them for long. Shiho wins.

Ereshkigal vs Thor

Ereshkigal has returned, but she’s in for a tougher fight here. The Starbrand ability greatly increased all of Ereshkigal’s physical abilities, but Thor is already used to fighting at a high level. Her energy blasts would be tough to deal with, but Thor does have Thunder and Lightning. I believe that he would be able to overwhelm her in a close combat battle and he has enough speed to turn this into such a fight. Thor wins.

Ereshkigal vs Living Tribunal

I had never heard of Ereshkigal before a few days ago, but I instantly knew that this was a battle that I had to do. She possessed the Starbrand for a period of time, which is evidently enough to make you Living Tribunal level. He talks a good game, but size is actually a disadvantage here since it will be easy for Ereshkigal to dodge his blows while LT is just one big target for her. Cosmic abilities are all that you really need in order to fight LT and while I respect the Tribunal for actually fighting once in a while, he’s still out of his depth here. Ereshkigal wins.