Asura vs Living Tribunal

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 It’s time for Asura to return to the arena. He’s a pretty powerful fighter to the point where it was hard to believe the cutscenes at times. He smashes planets like it’s nothing and moves with incredible speed. This guy’s a true fighter and the Living Tribunal has absolutely no chance against him. The Tribunal can shoot lasers and he is quite large, but that’s not quite enough to win a fight like this. Asura is just in a completely different league. His physical stats are through the roof so none of the Tribunal’s attacks will ever hit him. This is why speed is so important in a fight. Asura wins.

14 thoughts on “Asura vs Living Tribunal

  1. Asura has fought people very comparable to the Marvel/DC Gods, and took them down pretty easily. This fight would probably go down similar to how he fought and bested Wyzen. The Living Tribunal would probably at first use his large size to his advantage, but that would not help him here. Asura would once again easily lift The Living Tribunal’s finger and punch it thousands of times without signs of stopping. The Living Tribunal’s powers are indeed a bit impressive when you see them in the panels, however he was still terrified of Thanos, and Asura is a bit stronger than Thanos. Asura would punch a hole directly through the Living Tribunal, and would cause him to fall directly into a different universe, just like how The Beyonders killed him in this panel: In the end, the outcome is predictable. Asura simply outmatches The Living Tribunal here. I would like to see him face all of the Marvel Cosmic Gods at once, that would be a nice fight to see!

      • How? Dante alone is only Mid-Universal when high balled. Oni Akuma would legit lose to Power-Man or Iron-Fist, since they both showed feats of destroying force equivalent to planets and possibly small stars. That’s a lot of tough shit. Akuma had never shown feats of destroying planets or stars casually. Trust me when I say that a fully powered Odin would be enough to make Asura shit himself. Odin wouldn’t even need the “Destroyer Armor” to defeat him. Plus Chakravartin alone compared to even Dante would be High-Universal to Low-Multiversal. Like jeez, is it that hard to do at least 30 seconds of research before you write a comment down!? SERIOUSLY!? LMAO! Space Punisher Hulk is enough to all of Asuras Wrath, and possibly Capcom.

      • I’d take Akuma over Iron Fist or Power Man. They’re still street level fighters at the end of the day and tend to get wrecked by everyone. I’d take Asura over Hulk any day and for Odin he can be strong but he usually just loses to everyone like Surtur. I would go as far as to say that none of them have the feats to keep up with Capcom characters. We got Megaman and Bass who are both multiversal

  2. Even if you did make a potential argument for Power-Man as Luke Cage only being enhanced by characters like Dr. Doom and Annihilus. Luke Cage without being enhanced was capable of fighting on par with Dr. Doom himself. And Dr. Doom with the power cosmic on his side, (which is one of his weakest weapons I mind you) is casually capable of fighting on par and even defeating Thanos with no Infinity Gauntlet. And if you read the comic books on Earth-616, you would know just how crazily overpowered Thanos is, even without the Infinity Gauntlet. With no IG Thanos is capable of making a *HUNGRY* Galactus… *FLY* with just one blast from his hands. The blast was so insanely powerful it knocked Galactuses helmet off. I should also mind you that this version of Galactus was powerful enough to destroy all of the Celestials at once and even killed one in one comic. Galactus only lost when the Celestials merged into one giant celestial. Even Galactus when hungry is casually capable of defeating Odin by withstanding all of his attacks. Galactus did not even have to move to beat Odin at his absolute strongest. (Who is easily High-Multiversal) If I myself cannot convince you, that Luke Cage is massively much more than just a street-level fighter, I don’t know what will. And I can assure you that Luke Cage alone can solo all of Street Fighter (including Ingrid) all at once with ease. As for the Hulk, what about the Immortal Hulk, who was once capable of easily one-shotting both Adult Franklin Richards and a Well Fed Galactus with a fraction of Adult Franklin Richards Powers granted to him as his herald, all at once. Normal Franklin Richards alone is High-Complex Multiversal easily, and when he was fully grown up had High-Complex Hyperversal, to Low-Outerversal powers. Yet the Immortal Hulk destroyed them, billions to trillions of years into the Marvel Multiverse. No character in Capcoms history, even in Archie comics has ever shown feats of this power. Odin has defeated Surtur before in some issues and some different continuities other than 616 and so on. So I do not know what you are talking about there. If anything they are both rivaled and tied. LMAO!🤣 Megaman and Bass in the videogames are Mid-Starbusters at absolute best! I *WOULD* with honor go as far as however, to say that Cosmic Spider-Man would indeed solo all of Capcom with pure ease. Maybe if you used Archie-Comics Megaman and Bass, I could see them going toe to toe, with a Well Fed Galactus with a fraction of Adult Franklin Richards Powers granted to him as his heralds power, (maybe) considering they were capable of fighting on par with Archie Sonic, but Archie Sonic is just Low or Mid-Hyperversal at absolute best. And they would get easily defeated by around 70% of Marvel. But that is very unlikely. But trust me, you can do all of the research you want. You have a computer, you internet, *USE IT!*

    • Those are really impressive feats so first off I definitely want to give you kudos there. You definitely did your research and I appreciate that. However, I think it’s time that we take a step back here and look at what Capcom has to offer. First off, Bass is the strongest being in all of media. It’s to the point where literally after over 12,000 fights on the blog, Bass has yet to lose one battle. That’s number 1, number 2, Protoman and Megaman are also upper eschelon fighters. You would need a company like Shonen Jump to take on Capcom. The Mega Man verse on its own would be able to take out Marvel thanks to all of the EXE fighters.

      That’s not even accounting for Asura and the DMC characters here. Throw those guys in and that’s game over with a capital G! Lesss gooooo, that’s what I’m talking about here. Hyperversal or Multiversal, they still won’t be able to keep up with a fully amped up Bass. That’s the difference in power scale that I was hinting at earlier. It’s just not going to happen. No way….no how!

      • Wow, your powerscaling is bad on so many levels it actually give me faith with JustJayYT. Okay, just because your stupid little fantasy website over hypes the fuck out of Capcom characters. Doesn’t mean that it’s facts. Also your the person who said that Asura solos all of Marvel, so there no denying that your Miku-Trash. Also Megaman X can fight on par with, and even lose to Megaman himself, who lost to Sigma, who Ultron at his weakest can easily defeat. Just face the fact that High-Hyperversal to Low-Outerversal level Marvel characters solo All version of Capcom and Sonic The Hedgehog.

      • My power scaling is on point though. Capcom characters are extremely impressive so Marvel and DC just can’t keep up. Anime is 4 ever and 4 life. Put it this way, a single clean anime can take out even the most convoluted Marvel character power set. Mega Man X would easily beat Ultron in any version. Likewise Sonic and Megaman could take out Marvel easily. You have to start the power scaling right at the start rather than the middle to get the right outcome.

  3. LOL! Megaman, Protoman, Megaman X, and all of the E.X.E’s all at once had trouble destroying one tiny black hole. And Sonic with all of his friends had extreme difficulties defeating The Time-Eater, who alone would have difficulties destroying 1 or 2 universes. Then again, no counterarguments to backup your claims at all. What about All-Father Ultron, the same Ultron who literally has the power of Odin. And god knows how many times I have said this. But Odin at his absolute weakest nearly destroyed the *ENTIRE* Marvel Multiverse in his battle against Seth. That alone would give him the win. But theirs more. In his battle against Surtur, he could have destroyed the Nine Realms of the World Tree, which are confirmed to be a Multiverse of infinite size. Meaning that no character in Capcom would stand a chance against him and All-Father Ultron. And Ultron in his All-Father state combined his absolute all in him with Odins absolute all. Meaning that this version of Ultron is even stronger than Odin himself. And while you can indeed make and argument for *MAYBE* one charater in anime maybe stalemating or by a landslide defeating TOAA. There are like 3 or 4 other Boundless level characters in Marvel who can also canonically with pure ease defeat TOAA and his twin with the same exact power, TOBA. Just search up some Odin feats, for me and trust me, your mind will actually *BLOW*.

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