Black Canary vs Black Bolt

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Black Canary and Black Bolt both have powerful vocal abilities. That said, they are in completely different leagues. Bolt is said to be able to destroy entire planets with his voice. Canary is skilled but she certainly can’t do that, it’s hard to imagine knocking out a city with her voice. Her hand to hand abilities are impressive but Black Bolt’s simply a lot stronger so that wouldn’t do her any good either. While their abilities are similar, the scale is just too different for this to end up being a close fight. Black Bolt wins.

7 thoughts on “Black Canary vs Black Bolt

  1. I do think Black Bolt would win. Black Canary has great strength and abilities, but she doesn’t have power to destroy a town like Black Bolt.

  2. Black Canary is weak enough to be considered Black Bolt’s Daughter. Black Canary is powerful, but it’s hard to imagine her being as powerful as Black Bolt. I’m pretty sure I remember Black Bolt Destroying an entire Planet while talking normally. Black Bolt is strong enough to level entire cities with a whisper. Black Bolt Stomps. Mal vs Oblivion next? (Mal is the Daughter of Maleficent, look her up if you want to learn more about her.)

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