Asura vs Living Tribunal

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 It’s time for Asura to return to the arena. He’s a pretty powerful fighter to the point where it was hard to believe the cutscenes at times. He smashes planets like it’s nothing and moves with incredible speed. This guy’s a true fighter and the Living Tribunal has absolutely no chance against him. The Tribunal can shoot lasers and he is quite large, but that’s not quite enough to win a fight like this. Asura is just in a completely different league. His physical stats are through the roof so none of the Tribunal’s attacks will ever hit him. This is why speed is so important in a fight. Asura wins.

2 thoughts on “Asura vs Living Tribunal

  1. Asura has fought people very comparable to the Marvel/DC Gods, and took them down pretty easily. This fight would probably go down similar to how he fought and bested Wyzen. The Living Tribunal would probably at first use his large size to his advantage, but that would not help him here. Asura would once again easily lift The Living Tribunal’s finger and punch it thousands of times without signs of stopping. The Living Tribunal’s powers are indeed a bit impressive when you see them in the panels, however he was still terrified of Thanos, and Asura is a bit stronger than Thanos. Asura would punch a hole directly through the Living Tribunal, and would cause him to fall directly into a different universe, just like how The Beyonders killed him in this panel: In the end, the outcome is predictable. Asura simply outmatches The Living Tribunal here. I would like to see him face all of the Marvel Cosmic Gods at once, that would be a nice fight to see!

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