Elder God Demonbane vs Spectre

Suggested by DarkLK Spectre is one of the strongest cosmic beings out there. I am convinced of that. Still, is it really enough to take down the Elder God Demonbane? The robot has good attack power and defense after all. This is definitely one of those matches that could easily be flipped but at the moment I’m on Spectre’s side. I think he has enough strength to deal massive damage to Demonbane and his intangibility will buy him some time to land the hits. Spectre wins.

2 thoughts on “Elder God Demonbane vs Spectre

  1. Not much Spectre can do if Demonbane pops the universe around him – he’s still tied to his own universe like god-like beings usually are, and if that universe is destroyed, he goes with it. Heck, even the Astranagant from Super Robot Wars could defeat him – Spectre always needs a human host to act; all Astranagant needs to do is send that human host back in time, until they blink out of existence. Its Infinity Cylinder has the ability to do just that… the Astranagant is also such a powerful robot that only one instance of it can exist in a multiverse. Its pilot, called a Time Diver, is also seemingly immortal and travels between space and time to make sure the multiverse doesn’t implode (essentially, that makes the robot and its pilot similar to Spectre).

    • Well, sending him back through time as a ring out is an interesting idea, but he couldn’t do the whole blink out of existence thing as that is more dodging the battle then winning it. Bending the universe and just wiping it out are viable tactics though. I think with his GL Power Ring from one of the hosts Spectre should still have enough raw power to keep Demonbane at bay though. He’s also been shown to withstand direct hits from Superman as well

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